World Watchers International Bibliography Sheet for Tape #324/325 June 2, 1978 Side 2

RESEARCH. Tom Davis, Box 1107, Aptos, Calif. 95993
Mail $1.00 for 9 page bibliography of current books on political murders, mind control, oil cartels and conspiracies, FBI connections, CIA and Defense plots, Intelligence operations, Nazi Connections, Narcotics links to Vesco, Nixon, DEA, Mafia, CIA, Uranium connections, Alger Hiss. Nixon links, Carter Conspiracy connections, etc. etc.

When I write *RESEARCH*, APTOS on my bibliographies, that means the books are available through Tom Davis. SUPPORT THE PERSONS WHO CARE ENOUGH TO TURN US ON TO THE FACTS. IGNORE THE JUNK FOOD BOOK STORES THAT PUSH AND POLLUTE WITH DIVERSIONARY SUBJECTS OR MIS-INFORMATION. This information is being written and published for us to learn.. and hopefully, to disseminate. Don't pass it up. And don't bury it on the shelves.

JIM HOROWITZ (see other side)
Between the Lines. Valley Publications. 4616 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, Calif. 91505. Vol. 5, No. 5, No. 6. "Evelle Younger expos'e." Network of the American Gestapo.

Final Score by E. Grogan. Ballantine Press. Ex-Digger's novel on Plutonium Heist. $1.95 *(Research, Aptos)* Dialogue Conspiracy #321 5/14/78. Grogon Mentioned.

THE MEMOIRS OF RICHARD NIXON, $19.95 Grosset ande Dunlap, 1978 **(Research, Aptos)**

Page 43-44: Nixon and Truman looking at the globe, "Oil in Manchuria." 1947
Page 34: Letter from H. Perry to Nixon, 1946, telling him to run for House of Rep.

Companion to this: WANTED, SEARCH FOR THE NAZIS, H. Bloom 1977
Pages 117-122. Links of Nixon, Perry, Nazis, Argentina, Earl Warren, Murray Chotiner.. nest of conspiracy framework via Whittier.. Hughes.. assass. teams for Nazis show role of Bank of America, and Nixon's God Father who started his career.

CAPRICORN I. New Movie. "Would you be shocked to find that the Greatest Moments of our Recent History may not have happened at all?"
Dialogue Conspiracy #287 9/19/77 "WE NEVER WENT TO THE MOON, AMERICA'S THIRTY BILLION DOLLARS SWINDLE." 1976 (**Research**)

WE REACH THE MOON, Wilford, New York Times, 1969 (published Warren Report, part of another huge, expensive hoax.)

THE MAKING OF KUBRICK'S 2001, Signet, 1970, Jerome Agel.

JFK ASSASSINATION FORUM. Small, good newsletter

Harry Irwin, 32 Ravensdene Crescent. Ravenhill, Belfast BT6, ODB
Article by Ted Gondolfo, New York.
Links of Robert Blakey, House Committee on Assassinations, to Moe Dalitz (R. Maheu, Hughes, CIA assassination teams), to Louis Nizer (who wrote introduction to the Warren Report.)

WARREN REPORT, 1978, "on sale" Longs Drug store $1.99.

NO VOLUME, PAGE NUMBERS, no Table of Contents, PUBLISHED BY ASSOCIATED PRESS, NO ADDRESS or DATE. Compare to 1964 WARREN REPORT, DOUBLEDAY, LOUIS NIZER Introduction. Volume Number of Hearings, Foot-notes, Sources of statements, Page numbers. ALL THIS DELETED IN 1978. Buy and compare if they come your way.