Mae Brussell'sWorld Watchers International
Bibliography Sheet for Tape #330/331 June 23, 1978 Side 1

FREEDOM Newsletter
Dept. 30, 5930 Franklin Ave.
Hollywood, Calif. 90028
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NSA Spying on Citizens
Secret Report Reveals Panama Death Plot,
     Links of Hughes, Summa Corp. Intertel,
     Organized Crime, CIA.
Holocaust. Could it Recur? Nazis and the Church
FBI Blackmailing America.
Above Articles from June 1978, Issue XXXI

Also Available from address above, all GOOD information.

"The True FBI Story"   $2.50 Details of wasting millions of taxpayers dollars, rampant with corruption.

"The Spies Amoung us: Agent Provocateurs"   $1.75. Infiltration of law abiding groups to foment crime and violence.

"FBI: Tool of the Justice Department"   $1.50. The Justice Dept. use of FBI to investigate groups who are suing the government.

"The Justice Department and Abuse of the Judicial System"   $1.75. Abuse of Justice Dept. against Church of Scientology. Similarities to Justice abuse in Ellsberg case.

Death of Joseph M. Montoya, 6/5/78 New York Times, 6/6/78
"Montoya involved in South Korean attempts by Seoul to buy influence of American politicians." While Montoya on Senate Select Committee to investigate Watergate, he sat silent. Korean money bribe? Same time Rev. Sun Myung Moon defending crook Nixon.

Sun Myung Moon takes a powder. 6/7/78 New York Times.

Rev. Moon used Korean CIA money "at least" once for demonstrations. Moon disappeared this week, just before to appear for Congressional testimony. (not guilty, of course, just in a hurry to get away.)

Favors of IRS for Moon.. and protection from investigations. The Seoul director of Korean CIA ordered his chief agent in DC. In 1975 to "cooperate with Moon" and stop investigating complaints against Mr. Moon's activities.

(Moon makes $30,000,000 non-taxable dollars.)

The Selling of Argentina; Madison Ave. Packages Repression
Los Angeles Times, June 11, 1978
Ruder and Finn, Public Relations firm,
     Handle Shah of Iran
Doremus and Co.
     Handle Shah of Iran, Philippine Central Bank,
     Egypt, Saudi Arabia.
Burson Marsteller, New York, L.A., Chicago, other countries, Public relations Representative for Argentina.
Two years of military coup.
15,000 men, women, children "missing," never found again.
8,000 - 10,000 in prison, brutal torture, no charges, trial.
AAA Argentine Anti-Communists Assn. AAA Anti-Semetic, far right Terrorists. How to Sell them? Invited Media, bankers, tourists.