Bibliography Sheet for Tape #330/331 June 23, 1978 Side 2

Follow the letters:

NSA, Federal Reserve, SEC, CFR, NASA, FBI, CIA, DIA.
Look at the dates, who formed them, when, why?

FBI, A Look at the Powerful Bureau
Edited by Pat Watters, Stephen Gillers
Ballantine, NY.   $1.95   1973 Page 49.

"Charles Bonapart, Grandnephew of Emperor Napoleon I and Attorney General under President Theodore Roosevelt, sought funds in 1907-1908 for the Bureau. June, 1972, FBI was 64 years old."

San Francisco Chronicle, AP 6/14/78

Fred Billingslea.. gassed, choked, thrown into solitary. "Mental breakdown." First obvious display of CIA MK-Ultra, MK Delta Experiments. Testing, treating "mental breakdowns" in California and national prisons.
Settled for $50,000 for his mother.
San Quentin guard James CcClain, two others attacked as a result of treatment of Billingslea. Led to arests of Angela Davis, and shoot-out at Marin County Courthouse in August, 1970. FBI-CIA Cointel-Program.

FOOTHILL COLLEGE, LOS ALTOS, CALIF. Diaries of Lt. Col. George H. White.
OSS, CIA, from early narcotics work in Asia.
Formed Mind Control units for assassinations.
Worked with Raoul, control agent of James Earl Ray, alleged assassin of Rev. Martin Luther King.
Homework: Look up Time Magazine, June, 1954, article on Narcotiics Informer, regarding arrests, investigations. Sherman Skolnick, Chicago, claims there is a picture of Raoul with George H. White, or working for him at the time.

Headlines "Brzezinski Calls the Foreign-Policy Shots" Rowland Evans and Robert Novak, June 7, 1978. Syndicated Column.

"Solzhenitsyn; an Outrage that Does Not Fit the Interests of America." Enrique Hank Lopez, Los Angeles Times, June 15, 1978.

"Carter Won't Give Data on Cubans to Foreign Relations Committee." New York Times, June 7, 1978

"U.S., Vietnam, Aided 3 coup Attempts against Cambodian Government since 1975" Associated Press, June 14, 1978.

"An oil company is legally blameless when it purchases an invention of a new type of energy in order prevent its use."
"A food-product manufacturer is legally blameless when he poisens his produce to make it last longer; after all people are free not to buy it."