Bacterial Warfare Poses a Problem as Hard To Solve as That of the Atomic Bomb
New York Times - Jan. 13, 1946, Science In Review section, page E9
(also NYT 1/12/46 p.14)

The Army & Navy says that in another war bacterial warfare may replace atomic weapons. In many ways it's worse.

*spreads slowly

The danger pointed out by Major Gen. G.B. Chisholm, director general of the medical services of the Canadian Army.

George W. Merck, special consultant for bio warfare, gave a report to the Sec. Of War:

*1915 Germans caught infecting horses & cattle leaving U.S. ports to Allied nations.

*Supposedly Japan dropped bubonic plague on the Chinese.

*There are reports that Germany is trying to develop bio warfare under the guise of legitimate research.

Scientists defend research as necessary to detect & control these diseases. Secret research in labs by 4,000 scientists in: