Study Offers New U.S. Constitution
By Fred P. Graham
New York Times - Sept. 8, 1970, front page

In Santa Barbara, California, the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions has drafted a better U.S. Constitution. The current one is outdated.

*Rex Tugwell, former member of Roosevelt's "brain trust."

*Robert M. Hutchins, chairman.

*Harry S. Ashmore, senior Fellow of the center.

*Warren Burger (opposed to trial by jury).

This new version:

*20 or less "republics" instead of 50 states.

*a stronger Presidency & federal powers, instead of individual sovereign states.

*6 branches instead of 3.

- the regulatory branch would share its authority with private industry, could join multi-company groups to set standards.

*No more Supreme Court, weaker judicial powers.

*President serves 1 nine year term only.


- not elected but chosen by other branches of government. They would consist of former Presidents & other former high officials.

*2 Vice Presidents instead of 1.

- 1 for general affairs.

- 1 for internal affairs.

*No more Bill of Rights, but many of the same fundamental safeguards.

- no right to a trial by jury.

- no right to bear arms.

*Instead of 2/3 vote of Congress to amend the Constitution, amendments would be proposed by a council of judges approved by the President & Senate, and ratified by a majority in a national election.

*After 5 presidential terms, the entire Constitution may be rewritten and submitted & ratified by a majority in a national election.