The Sixth Floor Boycott
Some time ago I had submitted the Col. Prouty CD-ROM to the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, for review. To make a long story short, I have been told that because it does not conform to the "Lone Assassin" theory they will not look at it. (or stock it in the bookstore).
Gary Hack who represents the Sixth Floor will not even look at the CD-ROM.! He has not replied other than his repeated, "you will be notified if we accept it"
I have since found out the Sixth Floor has an agenda to support the Warren Report. I was not aware of this myself and was very surprised. This is more evidence of the continual cover-up.
I suggest and urge that anyone thinking of visiting the Sixth Floor Museum in the near future to decline. At least until they change from the official "Lone Assassin theory" that Lee Oswald shot JFK, and at least show more that one side to the story. For those of you active on internet newsgroups, I hope that the topic be can brought up and discussed especially for anyone going to Dallas.
I also understand they have refused to stock (banned) many other good honest books.
Len Osanic

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Here are some letters of interest and comment;

Aug 13 2013
Hi, I've been a Kennedy assassination "theorist" since around 1988, after I purchased a VHS video called "The Day The Dream Died". To give you some background I was -6!!!! at the time of this Assassination, so wasn't even born or thought of for that matter! I've trawled through most of the books on the topic the who, why & wherefore and in early 90's joined "Dealey Plaza UK" a British research group into this most horrififc of public executions.

As your aware 1988 was the 25th "Anniversary" of the slaying of such a young forward thinking, charismatic President. That year the TV programme "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" was aired and I knew i'd been hooked!!!. Within this programme Robert Groden's study of the Zapruder film, Cyril Wecht's compulsive medical and ballistic evidence & the one and only Garry Mack now head curator of the Sixth Floor Museum .!!!!!!

I like you have seen his gradual decline away from conspiracy theories, but during this program he was only too pleased to be a part of Jack White's photo analysis of the the area behind the picket fence and their discovery of "Badge Man", something which I believe has some originality to the events in Dealey Plaza November 63. Colonel Prouty was also interviewed and I thought his interview was enthralling with his inside knowledge of presidential protection!!!!

When I was fortunate to travel to the 1996 "November In Dallas conference" as organised by JFK Lancer. I too visited the 6th floor museum and I came away with the same conclusions as yourself even back then !!!!. That rather than being impartial and therefore allowing individuals to draw their own conclusions, the 6th floor museum has become institutionalised to the extent that it now only seems to light a candle to the Warren Commission Whitewash !!!!! they should have been looking towards "president" LBJ in my view

As for asking to boycott, although I do understand your strong sentiment and I think Colonel Prouty's admissions would be a good insight especially with regard to the actions & slow reactions of the Secret Service.


July 23 2013
Len, your website was just brought to my attention. I have been trying for eight months to get The Sixth Floor to carry my author's book. Now I know why Janet Steive does not return calls, come out to see me or email me back. I want to thank you and also invite you to read Robert Snow's novel. I was not even born when this happened, yet I have always been fascinated with the conspiracy theories. Shows has done over 25 years of research and makes more sense than a room full of Warren Commission information.

Oct 11, 2010
Hello , I was amazed and disappointed at the sheer propaganda of the Sixth Floor. It is not a museum at all, it is a dog and pony show. its like those in Dallas with money say, oswald did because we say he did it, we're going built a shrine that says he did it. put these headphones on. The Emperor has new clothes

June 3 2009
I recently took a friend to Dealey Plaza and reluctantly to the Sixth Floor exhibit.  I don't think its a fair criticism to see how truly BAD it is without knowing the rest of the story beforehand and then seeing it.

After about 30 minutes of the pre-recorded program, it was a joke... there was enough in the exhibit itself to show how poor it really was.  At one time, they actually mentioned the Ramparts and Esquire articles that had appeared in the late 60's, but that is now gone.  Most obvious was the "model" of Dealey plaza which was not done to scale and how the picture of the autopsy sheet with the back would down in the back with the Rydberg drawing showing a neck entry which was made possible by Gerry Ford.

I was surprised that the bookstore did have the Oliver Stone annotated book on his film JFK and even DVDs of it and a few other books which would seem to make things more even, but it was a major surprise to me. They really do push the ABC/Dale Myers stuff along with the Discovery and History Channel DVDs. It is really a shame seeing people on the street looking up at the window and not seeing ALL the other possibilities.


MARCH 26 2009


Feb 2008
Dear Len,

Thank you for hosting this web site. It is a breath of fresh air in this dank world of fallacy and false-hoods concerning the assassination of JFK. What we seem to be overlooking here is the human interest story that continues to evolve around Lee Harvey Oswald’s widow, Marina, and their children, June and Rachel. The Sixth Floor Museum, by remaining open and soliciting these lies, about the events on November 22, 1963, continue to further isolate these three innocent people from virtually everyone else, save close friends and relatives.

By allowing this museum to continue operating and this hypocrite, Mr. Mack, to continue to receive a sizable, yet undeserved income, it seems to give these new gullible generations coming up a spoon-fed meal of lies and tragic mistruths it so greedily waits to ingest. I believe they should rename this one-dimensional museum, the ‘Leaning House of Cards’. At one time of another, this house of lies will hopefully implode and come crashing down around itself. I, myself, have visited the museum once. I was not aware, at the time, that it was biased in it’s portrayal of the historic events of 11-22-‘ 63. I will never visit it again. What struck me weird was that the museum tour ‘deposited’ you right at the entrance to the gift shop. (Maybe a more apropos name here would be the Sixth Floor Museum Depository).

I have heard that Marina, June & Rachel have never, and will NEVER visit this joke of a building. Who can blame them? I know I don’t!! It’s a damn shame they have had to live under these clouds of lies and falsehoods ever since then. Granted, Lee Oswald was no angel, but then again, he wasn’t JFK’s killer, either. He was what he was…a Patsy. Only when we meet our maker will we all know the whole truth, I believe. And only when Marina, June & Rachel pass over will they then, and only then, receive the peace and serenity they so richly deserve, now. It is most unfortunate that they will never be able to rest easily and securely in the anonymity they so desperately need. May God continually bless them and hold them in His loving arms throughout their lives?

And that, my friend, is the true human interest story here and it should never be overlooked in this whole scheme of things. Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion on this issue.

I was in Dallas recently and I finally got a chance to visit the sixth floor museum. That place is a joke. It's takes the JFK assassination and it turns it into a Disney Land type exhibition. It's like an adult version of Sesame Street. The entire exhibit is ridiculous. No one should take the sixth floor museum serious. The entire exhibit is an insult to my intelligence.

Prof. Jonathan Lee Kennedy Moore Sr.,
Dec. 2007

Dear Len,
First of all I want to thank you for keeping the memory and legacy of Col. Prouty alive, I among many Americans am grateful for his courage and conviction to speak out about the misinformation and lies that have been generationally handed down to us as truth.

I too stand in line with those who have taken Gary Mack to task over this sham of a museum purporting to be "historical". As a Texas public school teacher, I find it reprehensible that anyone would even give an ounce of credit to the place. It is obvious that Mr. Mack's ego and desire for a bigger salary got the better of his judgement. I don't know how he sleeps at night or looks himself in the mirror quite honestly.

I am responsible for educating the next generation of leaders. I do not project my opinions on my students, I teach them to research for themselves, ask lots of questions, and never take one person's word for anything, and to also seek sources of information outside of the United States as well.

How ironic that a building that used to be the one of the world's biggest warehouses for public school textbooks is now being used to perpetuate lies, half-truths and misinformation about the killing of an American President to new generations of American students.

It is obvious that the entire museum, store, and website is completely one-sided. I find it truly frightening that a man who once claimed "Badgeman is the killer of JFK" now has the audacity to proclaim that there is no credible evidence of a conspiracy!!

If he were just an ordinary person chosen to run the place it would be different, but this is a man who was once "conpiracy theorist extraordinaire" going to great lengths to analyze photos, and disprove the Warren Commission findings. Mr. Mack, here are your OWN WORDS spoken in "The Men Who Killed Kennedy": The people who have the power to take out a President just like that and get away with it are probably in other areas of our government too, in other words, our country is being run by people that we did not vote for."
Your words, Mr. Mack. No doubt that series is not for sale in your museum shop.
L. Simpson
Houston, TX

Len: I recently contacted Gary Mack through email at his Warren Commission Disinformation Museum. I told him how despicable it is that he keeps propagating the Lone Gunman myth - especially under the auspices of a national museum. Of course, you can imagine his response: Denial.
However, that doesn't stop him from attacking - pit bull style - any potential witness or shred of evidence that may possibly be relevant towards proving a conspiracy. I include Mack - alongside Dave Perry and John McAdams - as being the 3 Putzkateers of JFK researchers. By the way, I sent him the link to your 6th Floor Boycott web page. He didn't flinch. He said they get millions of visitors annually, thereby making your pathetic little boycott of a few measly people amount to less than a nuisance.

You know the fix is in when you see someone, such as Mack - who actually appeared to be human at one time - do a sudden about-face and end up an apologist and shill for the Warren Commission nonsense and all of its proponents. He reminds me of what happened to poor Donald Sutherland at the end of the movie, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. When I heard how he has chosen to "omit" certain books/cd's, etc, from being made available for sale at his Warren Commission Disinformation Museum, it tells me all I need to know about how "they" have gotten to him. After all, he spends most of his days rubbing shoulders with the very same power base that was responsible for JFK's death in the first place. He wouldn't want to risk losing his cushy, well-paying job by rocking the boat, now would he? Compare the two clips:

1988: Gary Mack comments on the single bullet theory:

2006: Gary Mack comments on the single bullet theory:

Frank Cassano
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
July 2007

Dear Len

I handed over my $10 to see frames mounted on the wall that ended with frame #312 omitting the crucial #313 head explosion and similar crucial omissions of key books in the bookstore (I had seen a Republican operative named Merrie Spaeth and some other one whose name I forget in or around 1988- I was working in a museum then and at the American Museums conference. Spaeth & her cohort were discussing the public relations "challenge" of presenting a museum on the subject of the jfk murder. It took 9/11 to wake me up to what happened in 1963)

When I was recently in Memphis I went to the Lorraine Hotel but rather than give them money to lie to me again I gave the money to Jackie Smith- She has kept a vigil for MLK there for years.

Thanks for your radio show and for this.

Carole / March 07

Last weekend I wen to the museum while on a business trip to Dallas. I had never been there and to feed my curiosity I made a visit.

As an historian and researcher I will give the museum credit for assembling some good information about the world climate in 1960 and some of the events leading up to the assassination. I also give them credit for a well laid out tour and some interesting primary source material.

That, however, is where my compliments end. All of the evidence relating to the events of 11-22-63 are so one sided it shames me as an historian. The one small exhibit about possible shooters or other theories is a fraction of the size of displays "debunking"those ideas. The funny thing to me, as with any major event surrounded by controversy, is that the proposed truth is far more fanciful and theoretical than that so called conspiracy theories.

After the tour I stood at the exit before heading to the gift shop. The gift shop by the way is a joke. No serious literature is carried explaining the controversy. One of the best documentaries on the assassination is the History Channel feature "The Men Who Killed Kennedy", but this is not even carried. In fact, it seemed that no book or DVD that challenges the status quo is even in the gift shop, but I digress. While standing at the exit there is a stand with three open books for visitors to sign in and leave their thoughts. Of the three dozen or so comments left on the pages that were open I noted that all but two made comment that Oswald was not the shooter or if he did shoot he was not the only one. So, the bright spot is that despite the blatant propoganda, the publis is not fooled….at least not on this.

Jay Burns / June 06

I am a firm believer that there were shots fired from the book depository.
I am a firm believer that Oswald was on the 6th Floor.
I do NOT however belive that Oswald pulled the trigger.
It is quite obvious that somebody else was on the 6th floor with Oswald
and more importantly, someone else was on the grassy knoll firing.

I can't believe that after all these years, the lone gunmen theory is still around. There is no possible way after looking at the evidence that somebody can actually say The Warren Commission did a good job investigating it. They were a joke.
It is obvious that this has been a major cover-up that started with the dallas police, and went all they way up to the White House. They say that 80% of the people believe there was a conspiracy, well the other 20% percent need to open there eyes because everyone deserves to have the truth presented to them. Not just told about it

Jeff Preece

Subject: The Sixth Floor Boycott

I posted your message to the newsgroup in the hopes of drawing others from the silence. Another author recently complained to me that his book too had been denied space there. It's an outrage.

Len is not the first, nor the last to notice what others who have been to the Sixth Floor museum have discovered. It's time the research community speak out against those who would perpetuate a lie at the very heart of the scene of the crime.

Lisa Pease


Let me commend you for inviting the public's attention to the grossly biased practice of The Sixth Floor Museum in only stocking books that support THE WARREN REPORT.

(Some visitors have been directed to Anthony Summer's latest effort as though that were offsetting evidence, which seems plausible until you discover that Summer's position is that there may or may not have been any conspiracy to kill JFK!) A new arrangement between Josiah Thompson and The Museum has disturbed many students of the case. More can be learned about this on my web site, under the heading DISINFORMATION.
(See especially SIX SECONDS IN DALLAS.) Thanks for your efforts and for maintaining an excellent site, not to mention BLACK OP RADIO! Best,

James Fetzer Ph.D.

Hello Len,

I visited the 'museum' last year when holidaying in the US and was shocked by the one sided viewpoint offered. I was most surprised by the fact that you couldn't get to the window as it is glassed off. What is the reason for this, the main purpose of going up there is to have a look out of the window ! Who cares if some replacement boxes are in the same position as they were in 1963 ? I was also surprised that you aren't allowed to take photos out of the other windows and this is strictly enforced, they have a security guard stood there. I waited till he briefly left and got off some video none the less. What a strange place, it's as if the possibility that there was a conspiracy can't even be considered, even though anybody who makes the trip knows all of the conspiracy theories. Like you say it must have been money waved in front of Gary Mack to bring him onside.

I only discovered Black Op radio recently and am really enjoying listening to all the archived interviews, it's great that people can talk at length on a subject for once. I can't believe I never heard about the Scott Enyart trial before, it demonstrates the media bias to me once again.

So, keep up the good work,

Neil McCarthy

Re: The "boycott" of the Dealey Plaza musuem

While a resident of Dallas, I visited the musuem only one time. That was enough. All of your observations are 101% accurate. It is a disgrace.

T. Mack Durham

Not only should the "lone nut theory" be tossed, so should the museum. I also find it sad the the first web site I find when browsing for information on the Kennedy Assassination is "pro-Warren Commission ". I wouldn't even read them. I understand that, at the time, the American people required closure. Now, they require the truth. They need to know that at any given time, something similar could happen. Not quite an identical crime, that would prove they were wrong. I'm not saying one way or another in support of Clinton; however, to kill him would have been redundant. Instead, they just did their best to ruin him--what he hadn't already accomplished on his own, anyway.

It scares me that we live in a country where governmental power is so strong, and people don't question it. CONSPIRACY THEORISTS UNITE!!!!!

We may be the only ones to talk sense into those who just feel it is easier to conform.

Thank You
Lori B.

The warren report is a joke and so is Gary Mack it makes me very angry that the government is still supporting that Lee H. Oswald can run 5 stories and yet show no sign of being out of breath. Why would Oswald use a traceable weapon under a traceable name? Oswald claimed to be a patsy he was a PATSY!!!!


I visited the "sixth floor" so called museum in about 1996 with a friend when travelling through texas on business. We noticed several strange irregularities inside and outside, such as weird vendors coming up to us and trying to sell us worthless pictures and articles and then questioning us about our view of the assassination. One joker kept turning his body facing us directly as if to take a photo of us through a button hole camera or at least he seemed to be hiding something under his heavy raincoat (very starnge to wear such on a hot summer day). The whole mood of the museum was very depressing and very negative. We sensed undercurrents of anger from the staff and guides there. We rented the tour tape recordings and they were very one-sided and poorly done. We noticed everything was pro-lone-nut assassin as in "oswald did it alone." When we asked a guide why there was no mention of the most plausible assassination etiologies, we received a cool, trite and somewhat hostile answer, they "have no validity." After the trip I asked an acquaintance of mine who is familiar with the social scene in Dallas about the sixth floor organization and its total lack of objectivity and appearant stance as a gov't mouthpiece. I was told that the museum is allegedly owned and controlled by a very plugged-in community organization which has deep ties to "old texas money" and govt power structures as in (military) and has an agenda to promote the continued coverup. He said one would probably be quite shocked at the connections of this group if all its members and their families were deeply investigated. I have neither the time or resources to investigate the folks comprising this group. Do you know if anyone has done so in depth and has written about them and their origins and ties. Has anyone investigated this group and written about it? It's truly amazing that anyone hates freedom, liberty and democracy enough to support the lone-nut/warren commission's blatant and clearly obvious lies. One must truly hate freedom, liberty and democracy and actually hate our great nation to promote the continued coverup. No true patriot would ever be able to do so!

Jim Viken
Minneaolis, Minnesota

Hi Len. I visited Dallas in May 2000. And yes its incredible that the Sixth Floor Museum supports this preposterous "Lone Gunman" conclusion of the Warren Commission and further more the Dallas residents themselves, actually believe that as gospel- I got into an argument with one Dallas guy- geez, it's just incredible to me. All sides have to be told- it's an injustice to the American public, that this criminal element in our American Government can have their way with everything.
Jim K.

Dear Len,

It's amazing how solid the mainstream media faces are in the coverup. I agree, Cronkite is the worst of the bunch. You would think that if Woodward and Bernstein and the Post were willing to follow a story like Watergate and crater Nixon, they would see the story in exposing Dallas. I can only assume Nixon pissed off the CIA so their secret team left him twisting in the wind alone.

Posner is one of the Dallas Md's? It is strange how close Nigel gets to the truth and then wimps out for, I think, French hitters. Like if anyone besides CIA could manage and enforce the coverup.

Did you ever see the video or web site confession of, I think, one Jimmy Files, a Chicago hitter doing life for another hit who claimed to do the head shot from the Knoll? One problem there is that he claimed to use a .222 magnum, not the .45 that was found in brain matter. That was one of several interesting points I hadn't heard before.

I like Prouty's comments on the way both the tramps and especially their police escort are totally at ease with respect to each other. The cops' attention is focused on everything except the tramps. Clearly they are a cosmetic escort, similar to the Capone St. Valentine's Day hit when the hitters were escorted out of the area by fake cops.


What does it say about a man who believes there was no lone assassin but takes a vow to promote the lone assassin?? He would take a job at a holocaust denial, museum even though he knows it a lie.
What a sad state of affairs.
I agree that the Museum is presenting a faulty description of JFK's murder, and the majority of the people who work there know it, as well
Steven Arnold

If I recall from " THE MEN WHO KILLED KENNEDY" ,
was it Gary Mack who looked into the "badgeman"
photograph? If so "they"(government agents) obviously "got to him".

If the sixth floor is a government organization, I only
expect LIES & MORE LIES from them.
The more I study the Assassination the bigger it gets.
Richard, Vermont

Len, In 1992 I made the trek to Dallas and the TSBD Building. It was still spiffy and gleaming from the fixing-up it had gone through for, presumably, Oliver Stone's "JFK" of a year or two before.

You go into a lobby in the rear of the building and on the first floor there is a bookstore/souvenir shop. It was filled with party-line, lone assassin books and souvenirs. It cost $6.00 to go up the separate elevator that goes only to the sixth floor. And they would NOT even let you take your camera up there with you. So, I decided to pass on the visit upstairs and bought a cheap, plastic Sixth Floor "Memory of a Nation" ruler as my only souvenir.

To be fair, though, one of the employees of the souvenir shop gave me directions to the conspiracy museum in a refurbished warehouse mall a few blocks away. I spent all of my bucks there instead and got a nice "Release the Files" button and T-shirt.


Ralph Wilsons, Va.
South of the Appomattox

I'd like to inform the folks here that because of a single opinion I expressed to one of the other researchers at JFKResearch, I have been constantly contacted by Gary Mack, who informs me that I obviously don't know how museums are run. Well, I'm a Medical Professional by trade! How the hell am I supposed to know? This is the response I got when my persistent queries of why Col. Prouty and Harold Weisberg were not represented at the Sixth Floor Mausoleum. I refer to it as a mausoleum because the truth about the assassination was buried there [by the Warren Commission, who were committed to one thing, a pack of lies!], and as such, should be treated as hallowed ground and not farmed out as a supper club [Seventh Floor], to be followed by a trip to the Sixth Floor [for cocktails, perhaps?]. This whole circus smells of gov., no matter which way the wind is blowing. A bunch mercenary government lackeys.
Texas, I think I'll pass you by.
Theresa C. Mauro
Culver City, CA

> To:
Subject: The 6th Floor Boycott

After reading all these letters about this boycott of the 6th floor museum, I can't believe what I'm reading. Is this the same Gary Mack who worked with Jack White on the Mary Morman photo which they showed two suspicious figures behind the picket fence?

What happened? Did someone promise Gary Mack the job at the 6th Floor Museum if he promised to join in covering up the Assassination?

Gary, if you read these E-mails, I hope you can realize what you're doing. You had a piece of evidence in the Mary Morman photo that can prove once an for all that a conspiracy to place on November 22, 1963. However, like the Government you have decided to discard that evidence. Why?

I find Col. Prouty's writings about the Secret Team to be accurate about what happen, not only in Kennedy's Assassination but also in covering up the crime and what kind of Government that Nixon was running.

I think sometimes the truth is hard to swallow and Gary Mack look right at the truth and blinked.


Subject: 6th Floor Boycott

To the Sixth Floor Museum,

Please advise those who make the decision of whether or not the Museum will carry certain books, CDROMS, films, or videos that:

"It is clearly a sham to call your facility a "MUSEUM" when your policy requires that before even being considered as "worthy of your evaluation" all material submitted by researchers, scientists, authors and others, must first agree with and further promote the "MUSEUM'S OWN VERSION" of History, Science, Politics, and THE TRUTH. All persons, regardless of expertise, credibility, sincerity, and integrity who have a dissenting opinion, NEED NOT APPLY. The Sixth Floor Museum Reserves The Right To REFUSE SERVING THE TRUTH by failing to entertain the possibility that the man, entrusted with evaluating the material submitted, may not be infallible. Gary Mack, The Pope of Dealey Plaza, alone is qualified to render an absolute judgement in matters of Physics, Ballistics, History, Criminology, Anatomy, Forensic Science, Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Analysis, Secret Service Protection Protocol, Photographic Analysis, Film Production, Military Functions, Special Operations, and therefore is held hostage by his own ego...

Gary Mack has become the second "patsy" for he will be remembered for doing the work of his anonymous masters. HISTORY books will call him The Lone Censor, who single handedly distorted what is on the shelves of the museum, no matter how much evidence exists that HE COULD NOT have acted alone. He will have unwittingly contributed in framing himself as he is even now perfecting a system that restricts the only medium that might have served to exonnerate him and his predecessor, the first patsy of the Sixth Floor, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Gary, wake up before it's too late.

In the words of the President whose memory is served poorly by the policies of the museum claiming to be dedicated to him:

"If this nation is to be wise as well as strong, if we are to achieve our destiny, then we need more new ideas for more wise men reading good books in more public libraries. THESE LIBRARIES SHOULD BE OPEN TO ALL--- EXCEPT THE CENSOR.



John F. Kennedy
October 29, 1960


Gregory Burnham

Subject: sixth floor museum




I STAND BY YOU 100% and I have about got my fill of MACK ANYWAY







Subject: Re: The Sixth Floor Boycott


Probably the best approach is to completely ignore the Sixth Floor operation in Dallas. Promoting Posner's book tells all. Among all credible assassination researchers I've ever encountered, Poser is a joke ! His work is road kill. Every time anything comes up regarding JFK, Martin Luther King, or RFK, Posner is right there on network TV and all spewing out his pompus disinformation. He has to have deep cover from a variety of intelligence agencies.

On the brighter side, I found a book: "ZR Rifle--The Plot to Kill Kennedy and Castro" by Claudia Furiati of Brazil in the University of New Mexico Zimmerman Library. Publishers in the US wouldn't touch it, so it was published in Australia - Ocean Press. It's worth reading.

Better yet, why not just avoid Dallas.

John / Albuquerque



In response to your email about the 6th Floor museum in Dallas, I am not a bit surprised at their censorship of Fletcher's material. Because of the Colonel's impeccable reputation and inside knowledge, he has always been the most dangerous critic of the Establishment's JFK Assassination fairy tale.

Even before you kindly alerted me as to what goes on in the Sixth Floor Museum, I recognized that, at least in my lifetime, we will never hear the truth from any "official" organization. Since the Power Elite that had JFK killed is still in charge of the government and media agenda today, how can we expect to hear the truth? They have even managed to suppress volumes of unbelievably damning information that the citizen's assassination review board has released to the public over the past six or seven years about the assassination and, especially, the cover-up.

What astounds me is how people like Gary Mack can live such a lie everyday knowing that most people who walk into his museum think he's either a liar or a loon. I guess if the money's good enough, there are always those who don't mind selling their souls. For this reason, I am especially grateful for people like you, Fletcher, Oliver Stone, etc. who have the courage of their convictions and who take the time to reach out to others in the world.

Thank you.



There is not world enough nor time to waste on yet another reconstruction of the Warren Report.

With all the outstanding books to read, including the works of Fletcher Prouty, and hopefully the volumes ensuing from the files wrangled from some moldering forgotten places by the ARRB,I simply cannot see why one would ever spare a minute to wallow in this silly place.

Thanks for bringing this to the attention of people around the country. Gary Mack has not served knowledge in the JFK case, ever.

For the insights and the push to know more that your work on the Prouty CD and website has inspired, I join with all the above persons who have stated their plaudits for your efforts. The praise is merited.

More, more, more!

Pearl Gladstone

Subject: Re: Conspiracy books at The Sixth Floor Museum

Len -

I visited the 6th floor museum when I was in Dallas, and I agree with everything you've said. Walking around the place gives you the same uncomfortable feeling you get when you're in a room and somebody tells a virulently racist joke. You want to get confrontative and slap the guy around and tell him why what he's saying is so unfeeling and dangerous, but you know he ain't gonna listen.

I think I may have mentioned this to you. If not, the "punchline" of the "sixth floor museum" joke would have to be the copy of the Zapruder film they show. It cuts off just before the head shot... The reason I believe they gave was that "children would be negatively affected by seeing such an event" or something like that.

I'll say. They'd be inclined to "negate" the Warren Report for one thing...


Subject: Re: The Sixth Floor Bookstore

You have run into the Information nazis. They are the self-appointed arbiters of the truth. What you see of Mack here is only the tip of the iceberg. He is as much a behind the scenes player as McAdams is an overt disinformationist. I suggest that you write a letter to the Dallas County Historical Society (not the Sixth Floor Museum), and object to the policy as you have printed it here (send a dated copy, just as you have done.)

Rather than list only your cd, list several especially books which are not carried there. You should also write to Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, and enclose a copy of your letter to the Historical Society. Additionally, you might want to call commissioner Price's attention to the fact that Mr. Mack has refused to allow visitors to the museum to review Dallas County files, even though he has given a copy to the National Archives of some of them.

You ought to seek letters from others who object to this policy. It is nothing more than censorship, and has been commented upon by many visitors to the museum. You might want to point out all the factual errors in the Posner Book, which is carried by the Museum.

Good luck.

Subject: Re: The Sixth Floor Boycott

Thanks Len,

For your letter on the 6th floor museum. As a result of your letter I have decided to either boycott the museum when I visit Dallas or to give them a piece of my mind.

In addition, I would like to share a few books from the research I have been doing. One of the hardest things for myself (And other new researchers) to do is to put Col Prouty's theories in their historical context. Given the history that Americans are taught in high school, it seems inconcievable that a high-level assassination plot and cover up could happen in America.

It took a long time for me to locate evidence of the very dark side of America's history which led up to Kennedy's assassination and followed it for at least twenty years. I'm talking about hardcore Naziism at the highest levels. The following books detail that past with hard evidence, not just theories, and help to put Fletcher's story in its historical context as well as adding veracity to it. But more than anything, they help to identify and describe "The High Cabal" which Col Prouty talks about.

Here are the books, you may want to read them for yourself and pass them on to other researchers:

1) Trading With The Enemy: An Expose of The Nazi-American Money Plot 1933-1949 by Charles Hingham 1983 Delcorte Press New York

(This book more than any other describes the inner workings of the high cabal in America and Germany and describes how men like Ford, Rockefeller, and Dupont helped to build Hitler's war machine and kept it going all through the war)

2) The New Germany and The Old Nazis by TH Tetans 1961

Random House, New York

(This book describes how the High Cabal put high-ranking Nazi and SS men back into power in Germany right after the war and destroys the myth of Nuremburg trials)

3) Blowback: The First Full Account of America's Recruitment of Nazis and its Disastrous Effect on our Domestic and Foreign Policy by Christopher Simpson 1988 Weidenfeld & Nicholson New York

(This book describes how the High Cabal recruited top Nazi spies and scientists to work in and for America and how their Naziism began to grow and thrive in the CIA. It elaborates and backs up on a lot of the points Fletcher made about Allen Dulles, MK Ultra, CIA Brutality in Cover Ops, and other things)

4) The Arms Bazaar, From Lockheed to Lebanon by Anthony Sampson 1977 Viking Press New York

(This book describes war-for-profit motives of the high cabal and arms-makers worldwide)

5) Killing Hope, US Military and CIA interventions since WWII by William Blum 1995 Common Courage Press Monroe, Maine (A global encyclopedia which details, country by country, how the CIA helps the high cabal control the third world and rape it of its assets)

I would appreciate it if you can pass these titles on to both Fletcher and his readers, as they help to flesh out his theories and add additional evidence and truth.

Funny, one name appears throughout each of these texts: Fletcher's old boss, Allen Dulles. Well that's about it. Keep up the good fight!


Tom / Bostom

Hey Len-


Just read your letter on the "6th floor" situation. It must be funny, being from another country, and watching America turn to shit before your very eyes. Who said communism is dead? It is very much alive and well here. Look at the Clinton problem.

Hopefully you can push this out more into the open. Your work on the Prouty material has been awesome!!!!!!!



The late great comedian Bill Hicks summed it up beautifully.

He said that he was amazed when he visited the sixth floor museum. And awed by the painstaking reproduction of the snipers nest. And do you know how to tell it was painstakingly authentic, just like the day JFK was killed?

Because Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't there.

Michael Pizzolla

Subject: Re: The Sixth Floor Boycott

Hi Len,

I, like many others, must express my disappointment in the sixth floor museum. I have examined many ideas about the JFK assassination and always try to give fair hearing to all points of view, not just the views that I support.

Oliver Stone has been accused of trying to foist his opinions on to the American public but if this is true then why has Mr. Stone published the ideas of his detractors (with their permission) along side that of his supporters in "JFK the book of the film?" Could it be that Mr. Stone wishes to raise questions in as fair a light as possible?

If the Sixth floor museum is willing to sell Gerald Posner's book (which attempts to refute conspiracy theories) shouldn't they acknowledge that these conspiracy theories exist? otherwise what is the point of Posner's entire theses?

If the sixth floor museum wishes to remain impartial on these issues, that is a position that I would respect. But if they are to fill the roll of impartial caretakers of history, they must at least acknowledge that over thirty years of persistent theories (other than Oswald) ARE VERY MUCH a part of that history. Otherwise what is the point of the Sixth floor museum at all, why bother to acknowledge our nations democratically elected leader was un- democratically removed from power by assassination. Maybe it was all just a big mistake, Kennedy wasn't really shot, his head just exploded for some reason. No questions necessary, all is well? Could this in any way be called responsible and impartial approach to our history?

Thank you Len Osanic, and Fletcher Prouty for the time you have committed to asking the important questions.


Subject: Re: The Sixth Floor Boycott


None of this surprises me, but it does anger me. I had a similar experience on the FBI tour. They brought us past a glass covered display case with the famous rifle that was "found" in the 6th floor book depository site adm "told" us that this was the rifle that shot JFK. Case closed, as far as they were concerned. They rushed us past this point before I, or anyone else, could say anything that would conflict with this "fact."

I agree with you wholeheartedly that this is a disgrace and am willing to do my part in this boycott.

And as for Posner, has anyone mentioned that he, while supporting the grim fairy tale of the Warren Commission, changes their time frame in order to push his own support of it? Very strange to me. On the one hand, he's saying that they are correct, sir. Then he strays on one of the most salient points, indeed, the crux of the whole argument, to sell this ridiculous assertion.

Exactly what are these bozos doing anyway? Do they work for the government? Do they have some sort of vested interest in this ludicrous and impossible theory of the lone assassin? Do they have a franchise selling masks and guns?

(No wait. that's the Lone RANGER!)

Keep on doing what you're doing, Len. I'm behind you 100%.



Lynn, Massachusetts


Subject: Re: The Sixth Floor Boycott

From: joel

To: <>

Hi Len, and thanks for writing. I find myself wondering if this is the same Gary Mack who spoke with such conviction on "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" about "if the medical evidence has been altered, then you have a conspiracy within the U.S. Government". There is a possibility that I might be in Dallas next summer of '99 for a class reunion. Now that I've heard from you I'll make a point NOT to visit the Sixth Floor Museum.

His attitude is part of a greater frustrating phenomenon of denial from media in general. One thing that irritates me in particular is host Roger Mudd presiding over amazing new evidence & breakthroughs that show an obvious greater conspiracy. Then later while narrating "Assassinations That Changed The World" on the history channel, he refers to Lee Oswald as the lone assassin of JFK as though none of the other hard-sought facts are relevant or even exist for that matter.

Anyone who seeks to downplay the events of November 1963 or suppress the facts is ignorant to the real significance of the assassination and is doing the country a grave injustice. For better or worse, Kennedy was a bold compassionate leader with a great vision for America's future.

People can argue and speculate until kingdom come about how effective he would have been had he lived. The greater issue for me is how this open democracy, run for & by the people, could harbor such a terrible secret all these many years, with our very government institutions at the center of deceit and controversy. Colonel Prouty's contribution has been a great one in opening blind eyes as to the real inner workings of this country's centers of power. Of course there is resistance to the message, it's the truth!!!!

It saddens me to think how much better America would be if we could have ripped the cover off of this thing, get it out into the open and move on as a country. We can handle it. There has always been centers of power in this country, but our society & founding fathers worked to help balance the scales of power. As far as I'm concerned, there is enough evidence out there now for us to piece together a good picture of what really happened, and that picture begins & ends with conspiracy.

Stay in touch, and stay on the case!!


Hi Len,

Maybe this is a crazy idea, but maybe a "charity" could be established to purchase the Museum. With all the cash I have personally spent on books, etc, I could have contributed a small fortune.


Thanks and keep up your very excellent work,


To: Leonard Osanic <>

Subject: Museum

It s most unfortunate museum visitors cannot look out the window some say Oswald shot JFK from.



Subject: Re: The Sixth Floor Boycott


Dear Len:

Thanks for the info. Good luck.




Subject: Re: The Sixth Floor Boycott


This is Larry. I just came back from Dallas a week ago. I visited the 6th floor while I was there. It is not a surprise to me that they boycotted the CD.

I thought that they did a reasonable job in at least displaying the possible scenario's regarding a conspiracy. However, Dallas is still very sensitive about this. I suppose you can't really blame them. There seems to be a defensiveness in that city.

I feel saddened that the CD is not being integrated into this archive, but I must say that it really is not a surprise. I don't have to tell you ... the cover up continues.

I had an interesting experience while there. I was on the grassy knoll listening to one gentleman, who was selling a picture version of Groden's book. He was reasonably competent in his explanation of the events of the assasination. However, there was a guy who set up shop right next to him and he was trying to shout down this man's discussion. I began a conversation with this contrarian and he informed me that he was a retired government worker who was "sick of the bullshit these conspiracy theorists are putting out there". He went on to state that nobody has disproved the lone gunman theory. He was selling a booklet which supports this view. The contention between him and the pro conspiracy was almost comical.

A number of people were standing around listening to both men. All of the bystanders agreed that LHO could not have done the shooting alone. Also, when I looked over the sign in book which is at the end of the 6th floor tour. The vast majority of the comments cast doubt on the lone assasin theory.

Len, I must admit that after reviewing the evidence supporting the lone assasin theory, doubts about a conspiracy crept into the back of my mind. I only mention this because I am so positive that one gunman could not have done the shooting that these thoughts of doubt surprised me. I have read almost all of the literature on the assasination ... pro and con.

I guess the thing that still causes the small thoughts of doubt is that nobody has ever come forward to admit the shooting. Usually when someone is on thier deathbed, they need to purge themselves of guilt over a murder. Especially the murder of a president. Most murderers "brag" or confess at some point. So far, there is no credible confession or admission. This is the one thing that perplexes me to this day.

Anyway ... this is only thoughts of a man who is still totally confused as to how such o horrible crime could never be fully explained.

Please keep the flame of exposure alive. I will do what I can in my own small way. People like yourself and Col. Prouty are genuine hero's who will no doubt be cast as "conspiracy nuts".

Best Regards,




Subject: Re: The Sixth Floor Boycott

Hello Len,

I have never been to Dallas or the Sixth Floor Museum, but I am very angry, although not surprised at what is going on there. If I am ever in Dallas I will definately boycott the museum until they decide to make room for views other than the Warren Report. I am not holding my breath, however, the truth is of no interest to these people, unless of course it serves their interests.

Robert N.


It's time we looked at the cover up going on RIGHT NOW and act! I too have been to the Sixth Floor museum and was DISGUSTED. Gary Mack is a "lame excuse" for a person with his postion. Why doesn't he resign and let someone else in who still cares about the truth. Can they drag their feet any deeper to hide facts of this assassination.

Imagine... banning books at the Sixth Floor museum. What next? I support the boycott and will tell others.



Subject: It never ends......


I am with you all the way on this. These farging bastiges are all in the business of perpetuating the assassination cover up. As far as I am concerned, there is a very special place in hell for people like this guy. "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."

Poor Oswald. The guy will never rest in peace.

Give 'em hell, Len! I would sooner believe Richard the Third was sane, than Oswald was "The Lone Gunman".


Subject: 6th floor museum

Hi Len!

The 6th floor propaganda museum seems symbolic of everything honest researchers are striving to overcome. Mr. Mack could be one of the many people who feels most secure with pablum feeding, but I somehow doubt it, he picked the wrong interest if remaining insulated from the truth is his desire.

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a policy change, but you never know. There is one fact that will always be on the side of truth. Revelations can happen in the strangest of places and cause changes where they are lease expected. We are individuals, thus we are unpredictable. We can make reference to consipirators as "they" and "them" as if they all think alike, but you never know when one of "them" will wake up in the morning and say "just a minute, what have I been doing." I have been watching a silent revolution take place among the people. There are no marchers or banners, just a subtle awakening, questions about who and what we are, a very spiritual movement. The money changers may not get it yet, but this is, in my opinion, the greatest threat to them, the awareness of the individual. Granted, people don't just wake up and understand what happended with JFK, but once upon a time the mere thought of the American people being betrayed by their own government would have enraged huge masses of blind sheep, not against the government, but against the accusor. I've heard the most profound questions come from people who were once most content having their heads buried in the sand. In my opinion, the changes are evolutionary and close to unstoppable.

I have been watching (and I will watch it again and again just for absorption purposes) an excellent video simply labelled "History of the Federal Reserve". This video pieces together bits of information which I have come across in many areas of research and is perhaps the most comprehensive single piece of information I have ever come across which ties in American history with the struggle to resist money changers. Of course, anyone who has any familiarity with the bible knows that the only thing ever to bring out violence in Jesus was the money changers. This video is a must see. Lets keep in mind that JFK was one of many presidents to wind up dead after attempting to tamper with the money changers, in his case via the Federal Reserve... which is of course privately owned and not Federal at all. Was it the straw which broke the camel's back? Kennedy had ingratiated himself enough that there was probably no single event triggering the decision to have him killed. The Rothchild empire has had to deal with "rebellious" presidents in the past, I doubt whether they wanted to see what else Kennedy might have up his sleeve.

A quote from Chancellor of Germany Otto Van Bismark was among many which I noted:

"The division of the United Stated into federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil War by the high financial powers of Europe. These bankers were afraid that the United States, if they remained as one block, and as one nation, would attain economic and financial independence, which would upset their financial domination over the world."

Lincoln is quoted as follows:

"The Government should create issue, and cirulate all the currency and credit needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers.
"The privaledge of creating and issuing money is not only the supreme prerogative of Government, but it is the Government's greatest creative opportunity.
"By the adoption of these principles... the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity."

The massive debts paid by the people are going into the family coffers of the Rothchild's and their recruits. Sums it up pretty nicely. Time and time again my research has led me to these people.

I wish you luck in getting through to Mr. Mack, it is never too late for the individual to redeem himself.

Anita L.

Subject: RE: The Sixth Floor Boycott


I will tell you that I am not surprised and that it is what I have expected. I have never heard any accounts of the 6th floor gig until now but my gut feel was that it is a joke. I lived in Dallas for two years from 89-91 and had plenty of opportunity to visit the Sixth Floor Museum. However, I was not about to waist my 6 or 10 dollars or whatever it cost to get in. Part of my suspicions were due to the fact that the only official acknowledgment of Kennedy's death by Dallas/Texas is the Sixth Floor Museum. I was shocked to find there is not even a plaque,bust or statue somewhere in Dealey Plaza to honor the murdered President. It's as if the only thing Dallas Texas has to say is in support of the official cover story.

So I see it as no shock from what you have experienced with Gary Mack and his so called museum. I fully support the boycott and would like to see it closed unless the true facts are allowed in.

Thanks for the good work!

Matt R.

Hello Len,

I support this boycott and will tell anyone interested about the Sixth Floor Museum and their insult on the American people.

Kevin D.


Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 21:14:53 -0800

In the past few weeks, I've received several emails from people from around the USA who have a far greater knowledge of the inner workings of the JFK "research community" in Dallas than I do.

I promised the senders that their names would remain confidential and they will.

Here are the emails I received. Judge for yourself........


E-MAIL #1: FROM TEXAS - Exhibit #: TTT-1998 - 10478

"Mack was beside himself to be taken seriously by Oliver Stone. He hated Ricky White, who was part of the hoax, but did not invent it. White had lots of help on that (he was not very bright).

This was at the time Mack hooked up with Perry who had just arrived in Dallas, and Perry just happened to work at Howard's "JFK Assassination Center."

The game with the Dallas old guard, which includes Mack, is to set up a story, be very helpful with information, and then slip back into the shadows and tear it apart. They have done this numerous times in the past. Some of the people connected with the "Center" had been in touch with Ricky White's mother, Geneva, for years. There was a scism between mother and son; each one wanted money and "glory."

West knew Ricky was lying, as anyone who looked closely at him soon knew. But West seemed to believe in some of Geneva's story. Mack played West like a fiddle, encouraging him to get the "diary" from Geneva. (Mack used West to get other information as well.) West did get the "diary" from Geneva. Then, because the "diary" was a fake, West was made to look the fool at the press conference he held with Cartwright in attendance, and Stone's producers following the proceedings closely.

One more thing. While you were close to West, you should be aware that he was rather gullible in regard to Mack at the time of the "Larry Howard death threat". Larry Howard, a buffoon, was probably not actually part of the hoax. Howard later had a big falling out with the people behind the hoax. (The people behind the Hoax, which may include Perry, were well-connected to Mack.) They were far more sophisticated than Howard. It is doubtful Howard made a serious threat against West.

Mack cynically convinced West that the threat was serious to gain his trust and confidence in Mack's friendship. After West served Perrymack's purpose, to make the entire thing look ridiculous, West was dropped and was made a laughingstock by Perrymack.

Perrymack use the Texas Monthly and the Dallas AP to debunk any story they did not themselves invent. TM is a rag, but it is worse than that. It is a very sleazy operation. So there you have it. From someone who knew all the players, and lived to tell this chapter of the tale.

But there are more chapters to be written, and Mack has managed to get himself in a position to be taken seriously by the ignorant and the idiotic.

If he had brains, he could be dangerous."



E-MAIL #2: FROM TEXAS - Exhibit #: TTT-1998 - 10479

Mack used to be on the level. Perry came to town, and somehow (mind control? money? blackmail? threats?) took Gary over, in my opinion, and turned him 180 degrees.

In my opinion, Perry got Gary the job at the museum, and Mack became a stooge/mouthpiece for Perry.

I think Perry is a low level CIA disinformation agent.

His best friend is Gus Russo, and I guess you have heard about his new CIA financed book."



NOTICE: These e-mails have been numbered accordingly and placed on the record with an officer of the court in the State of Texas. Robert G. Vernon and Truth, Truth, Truth, Inc. make no claims whatsoever as to the validity of these documents or the claims within and we have placed them in the appropriate legal and law enforcement hands for further investigation. These e-mails were sent to us unsolicited.

Bob Vernon

Donald E. Arvidson, M.A.

Re: The 6th Floor Museum's (Dallas, Texas) refusal to handle Col. L. Fletcher Prouty's CD.


Dear Sir:

I am again sickened, yet not surprised by continued efforts to keep the citizens of this planet, in particular, this United States of America, asleep or delusional, deadened or cleverly shaped in the service of maintaining mythology gone astray. This site you provide on the Internet, along with the abundance of reference materials and, of course, Col. Prouty's information, documentation and highly thoughtful conclusions stand in brilliant contrast to the malignant, dangerous and inbred piglets typified by this "Museum's" policies so glaringly obvious.

These are not the policies or ideologies in relation to which the courageous have served, nor are the people exemplified by such poverty of being those for whom so many individuals have died in the hope of preserving a quality of freedom, dignity and responsibility. The fact that anyone from this country would consider visiting this theatre of the absurd, it sufficient to warrant nausea and revolt. That the context in which the Museum exists, ipso facto, Dallas, would not aggressively fight to promote alternate data sources is far more disturbing to me.

Since it would appear that power and greed maintain ascendance and perhaps account for the occurrence of a refusal to carry thoughtful, documented information, might I suggest that we take this boycott of the Museum a step further? Why not determine the publishers of the books and materials they do stock, or otherwise make available, and extend the boycott accordingly? Perhaps some of your visitors local to the 6th Floor's charade could assist in providing that list, along with specific data relating to the Board of Directors, and other vested interests.

The problem brought to the foreground is an extraordinary one, and requires extraordinary, measured, and collective responses. If we are to emerge from the pit of slime, the problem solving required will certainly require more thoughtful behaviors than spending forty million dollars discerning where a President's penis has, and has not been. It will demand tactics, strategy and tenacity otherwise unequaled in our known history as a species.

I extend to you my most gracious respect, and authentic praise for having the guts to maintain your Web Site. I speak of it often in conversation, and will clearly pass along the boycott data, which, of course, I will take heed of. My deepest of thanks are extended to Col. Prouty for the willingness to be what people can be, for utilizing his integrity actively and for representing something of what this collection of people called the US are suppose to be about. Perhaps the "flat-landers" may come to realize dimensionality beyond two, a requisite for the survival of the species called person-kind.

Yours truly,

Donald E. Arvidson, M.A.

Subject: Re: The Sixth Floor Boycott

Len, Thanks for the info on the "Museum" more B.S.
I will spread the word. They should present all sides of the question, however it doesn't surprise me.

Yours for the truth, no matter how ugly

Gary Mack has personally told me that he does the evaluating on behalf of the museum, himself. True, he may not be the last word, but being the first word is enough to spike a thing prior to there needing to be a last word.

By refusing to review certain material he has willingly participated in censorship, NOT BASED ON DISCOVERY OF ERROR, but based instead on the same criterion being claimed as inappropriate to a HISTORICAL institution's "obligation" to be free of bias, free of prejudice, and dedicated to OBJECTIVITY ---

How can one be objective by banning material to which they have admitted they have failed to even review???


According to that document a defendant has certain RIGHTS, among those rights: The accused is PRESUMED INNOCENT until and unless he is found to be guilty by a jury of his own peers.


The 6th Floor Museum has no basis, legal or otherwise to pronounce that Lee Oswald committed a crime, the WARREN COMMISSION REPORT notwithstanding.

That commission lacked jurisdiction, as it was not even a legitimately formed representation of a jury of OSWALD'S own peers.

It had NO authority whatsoever in convicting OSWALD of anything. ONLY a JURY can do that, period.


Therefore, OSWALD IS, WAS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE NOT GUILTY according to the laws of our land and any failure to cite that part of our real HISTORY is inexcusable by anyone or any institution claiming to be dedicated to the true reportage of HISTORY.

THE TRUTH is that he is not guilty, by legal definition. THAT IS HISTORY.

Report that as any loyal and/or well informed American should because it is HISTORY -- WITHOUT QUESTION --



Greg Burnham

I have always had that weird feeling whenever something I read or hear relates to JFK. I have always been fascinated by the events surrounding these assassinations. I was enthralled by Oliver Stone's film. I have been to the Sixth Floor Joke-of-a-Museum and was naively surprised to see the very one-sided depiction of the assassination.

What would an intelligent person gain from such a subjective exhibition? The feeling that came over me upon setting foot in Dealey Plaza the first time was so ominous and disturbing that I openly wept.

M. Walker

From: "Daniel Torres"
Subject: the six floor museum
I agree, I went to Dallas on Nov 27th of this year. You can tell it is the biggest cover up you can ever imagine, it is all about Oswald only, then I went to the Conspiracy Museum across the street and it was better, because I tend to be on the Prouty side of the story.

Since I was 12 years old, I always thought that the umbrella man was a signal for the shooters, but now I know something that makes more sense. A dart firing umbrella, besides being a signal to shoot. Its funny now that I have the new Zapruder movie version (enhanced) you can see the umbrella open at the same time something hits Kennedy in the throat and then the fatal head shot to finish there. The shooters knew the limo had to slow down in order to maintain the same speed going down after making the left turn on elm street. Perfect spot to get ready aim and fire at will,the same system that planned the whole thing is still covering to preserve the same story. One guy did it and thats it.

Well... not for me! Say hello to Fletcher Prouty for me, I am a big fan.

Danny from Orlando Florida


I am an avid collector and research of JFK including over 250 books, 30 original 1960's assassination magazines, and seven original Nov. 23 1963 newspapers. For many years, I have firmly believed that there was more than one "lone assassin" in the murder of JFK. Reliable witnesses have testified of seeing at least one and possible two assassins behind the picket fence on the Grassy Knoll, one assassin at the Dal-Tech building and two figures on the sixth floor of the book depository (and they were not Oswald). I have been a hunter for forty years, and I cannot shoot my bolt-action Remington 30-06 three times in the six or eight seconds that they claimed Oswald did in assassinating Kennedy. Oswald was set up to be a "patsy" or fall guy.

I cannot believe that any reputable researcher such as Gary Mack, Gerald Posner, etc. can still believe that Oswald was the only person to assassinate Kennedy. Evidently they were either persuaded by Money, position, fame, or other rewards to take this position. I have read Posners book. It is so full of holes and half-truths that he had to published it just so he could have something to publish to make money. I read James Fetzer's articles on disinformation on his website recently. Gary Mack in the 6th floor museum is another example of a person who is bias and who spreads disinformation about JFK by not allowing any other views or materials that will contradict his "one assassin" viewpoint.

I have visited Kennedy's grave in Arlington. I have on my itinerary to make a trip to Dallas this summer and to Boston in the near future (JFK Library), But rest assured I will boycott the 6th floor museum in Dallas. I will not recommend it until Gary Mack changes his position..

Jim Henley