The Fletcher Prouty Commentary

Hello to the World Wide Web,

I'm quite surprised at the interest generated from this site. Judging by the questions and comments coming in, it seems to be read by a well informed audience. Since the proposition came about, to release a number of my articles, that for one reason or another never were published. I have been going through my files, and I was surprised at the amount of writing that has piled up. So, I've been busy going through them all and trying to pick the best of each category.

Not too many people know this, but I used to write on many, many other topics besides the JFK assassination. I wrote for the Banking community, the Railroads, and I've found work I'd forgotten about during my time in the Pentagon. As it has been mentioned, between myself and Len Osanic, will try to post something new each month.

L. Fletcher Prouty

Commentary for January - Who Killed FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT
Commentary for Feb. - Anatomy of an Assassination
Commentary for March - 112th Army Unit ordered to "Stand Down" in Dallas
Commentary for April - Introduction into the Assassination Business
Commentary for May - Windscale
Commentary for June - Oil
Commentary for July - Water
Commentary for Aug.- Third World Loans
Commentary for Sept - Nixon in Dallas Nov.22 - Three versions
Commentary for Oct. - Unidentified Objects
Commentary for Nov. - Assassination of Alfred Herrhausen
Commentary for Dec. - Disinformation and Slander on the Internet