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Dec 20th 1999
I'll try to catch up with some of my mail. I have had so much to do lately, and so much that I can't do, that we are behind. I trust that you will be able to explain to our good correspondents.
For one thing I have had to get a new typewriter and have been able to get an IBM, Correcting, Selectric II, and if I ever learn how to use it more than I do now, it should be great
I have been busy and not feeling too well; so I lose time and the ability to extend my hours.
As you may report to those interested, my health has severely cut down on my time available to answer the good letters that come in.
We have answered quite a few letters already, so between the CD-ROM and the new Dave Ratcliffe book that should be enough information to keep researchers busy.
Please pass on my thanks to all those who have written in the past, and my apologies to those I have not answered yet.

L. Fletcher Prouty

From: Bill Gaskins
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000

Subject: Lansdale's association with Gen. Charles Willoughby

I am sorry to hear that Col. Prouty is unable to reply to questions.
Perhaps you will find the following letter interesting, and will post it on the web site:

This is a follow-up to a statement I made to Col. Prouty in 1994 on WCBM radio in Baltimore, Md. At that time Col. Prouty said that I was "confused" about my belief that Edward Lansdale and Gen. Charles Willoughby served together in the Philippines during World War II. According to the following two books, there appears to be a conflict concerning Lansdale's whereabouts during the war.

The book "Edward Lansdale" (1988) by Cecil Curry states on page 26 that Ed Lansdale never left the United States during World War II. Lansdale admits that he served in the Philippines, but starting in September 1945, or right after the war. Lansdale joined the OSS in 1941. However, Curry notes that Lansdale's brother Phil said he believes Edward was out of the country during the war. And Curry concludes, "The real story of these events may never be learned." Col. Prouty states in his 1990 letter to Jim Garrison that Curry's book contains some "terrible fabrications," and that Lansdale was a "classic chameleon."

The book "The Marcos Dynasty" (1988) by Sterling Seagrave states on page 143 that during WWII Lansdale served in the Philippines under Gen. Charles Willoughby with Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Willoughby was MacArthur's army intelligence chief. Willoughby was a rabid anti-Communist, and was known as the "little fascist." Seagrave cites no reference for Lansdale's service other than "CIA documents."

If Lansdale did serve under Gen. Willoughby, then this association has a possible sinister implication. In his 1992 book "The Man Who Knew Too Much," Dick Russell connects Willoughby with Allen Dulles, J.Edgar Hoover, H.L. Hunt, and other right-wingers to the assassination of JFK. Texas oilman H.L. Hunt financed Gen. MacArthur's 1952 presidential campaign. Russell cites Seagrave, and believes that Willoughby was the mastermind of the JFK assassination. A Willoughby-Lansdale connection would link Lansdale directly to Russell's military-industrial cabal. If I am not mistaken, Willoughby, Dulles, Hoover and Lansdale all lived in or near Washington, D.C. in 1963.

Col. Prouty knew Lansdale well. He believes, and I agree, that Lansdale orchestrated the JFK assassination. But who gave Lansdale the "go" signal? Col. Prouty's 1992 book "JFK, The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate JFK" does not address Seagrave's assertion. On page 63 he states that Lansdale "later" left the OSS for Army Intel and that Gen. MacArthur did not allow the OSS in the Pacific Theater. In 1949 Lansdale was under the direct command of Col. Richard Stilwell, an "experienced Far East hand." Although MacArthur was in Japan, Lansdale was still under his command. Therefore, Lansdale served in the Pacific Theater (the Philippines) for Willoughby after the war.

The point that Russell makes, that Lansdale served under Willoughby, seems to be valid. Certainly Willoughby knew of Lansdale's exploits against Quirino in 1950.

Bill Gaskins

Reply for KENNETH MURRAY: Sept 1st 1999
You say that you agree with me about the lack of Secret Service protection in Dallas. As I have written, I was in Christchurch, N.Z. when I first heard of JFK's death. Shortly after that I had purchased an EXTRA of the Christchurch STAR. From that day I know of no other interpretation of that event than a massive plot in Dallas; but even worse you may have noted that all the norms military Presidential Guard were not there.

I suggest you read my book, JFK the CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, or pick up my CD ROM and you'll have the story. The Warren Commission did a terrible job with that.

Thanks for your note,

Dear Colonel Prouty:

I have been aware of your activities since I saw the TV special "The Men Who Killed Kennedy". I have a couple questions about what was in that show, I admit that I have not been actively researching all this stuff in the meantime.

Is the Mafia connection baloney? You seem to be sure that the stateless but still U.S. trained shooters did the job, flown in from some remote base. It always seemed to me to be incredible that ANY U.S. military person could EVER shoot at the Commander in Chief. Is there any possibility that there were also Mafia contracted gunmen?

Thanks for any reply. I know you are probably deluged with emails every day.

Douglas W.


I hope this FAX gets to you. I have been bothered by my physical problems, and handicaps related to them; but I am going to force myself into this phase of our work to see if I can not concentrate on some of the many fine contacts we have. So here goes.

Reply for Douglas W. , Aug 20th. Re: "The Men Who Killed Kennedy."

Since the election of JFK, I had been assigned to the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. That was followed by an assignment to the counterpart of that office with McNamara, the new Sec. of Defense after JFK's election and was made the Chief of Special Operations, and on, of my duties was to join a White House office that was in charge of Antarctic Activities. This duty placed me in Antarctica during the early part of Nov 1963 and later at the Navy Base in Christchurch, N.Z. where ~ was when I learned of JFK's death.

We were stunned by the news we were able to get with the special edition ~ of the CHRISTCHURCH, "STAR." By the time we had gotten back to D.C. and to the Pentagon you may, be quite sure that we had read every paper we could find.

My traveling companion on the home-ward-bound leg of the trip was Congressman Pete Abele, Ohio. As our random collection of newspapers began to build up we discovered an amazing fact. The "Round the world" clock that supported these papers from all parts of the globe (I also went to the Library of Congress as soon as I could) provided us with a network of dates, times and other basic data that did not support each other, especially when compared with the Washington, DC times. Furthermore, this jumble of times did the same to "News" stories." They did not match by what they were printing. For example, the large photo of Lee Harvey Oswald that was featured in the New Zealand papers were nothing like those we noted in other papers. For us, the question became, "If this assassin was unknown, how did it happen, that around the World newspapers had Oswald's" photo dressed in a fine suit, white business shirt, and tie. Yet news from other cities had other clothes and other "Oswald Quotes."

It became clear to the Congressman and myself--among many of our other official Antarctic Party that somehow the papers had gotten photos from many sources. Many of these were listed under different times as we bought papers as we flew half-way around the Worlds Where did that "advance" news come from? Who had decided which time they would use by clocks that were as much as 24 hours scrambled?

By the time I had returned to my office in the Pentagon, where all kinds of Unofficial" yet scrambled news was available it had become clear to many of us that the news was contrived. This made it clearer to me that the true JFK assassination story was certainly not the one we had acquired during our long travels and the many varied papers.

To add to this it happened that my official job was going to lead me and many of my associates to believe that the "Official Oswald" story was contrived. Many of us in our unusual work were quite familiar with the assassination game around the world.

This is no place for me to weave this entire drama in a short time; but in those years from 1963 to l999, I have learned a lot, I have written a lot, and I am totally convinced that President Kennedy was assassinated in a not unusual manner by a removal of almost all of Presidential Protection resources in and around Dallas. Where were those highly trained men who provide Presidential Protection where ever he travels? One of the first official calls when I was back in my office was from the Chief of such a unit. He demanded to know why his skilled, and near-by military unit had been told that they would not be needed in Dallas?

Many questions such as those need to be answered by people who know the business and not simply by those who exhibit newspaper photos that absolutely could not have been taken AFTER the President had been shot? Let's think it over. There are plenty of good books to read.

Thank you for your letter,
L. Fletcher Prouty

JULY 21st 1999
Dear Len,

Thank you for sending me the Philippi message. It is interesting to have a correspondent promise a document. Only this evening I have been reading a fine book I received a from the ARAMCO Oil people in memory of the fact that I flew a top-ranking group of officials to Saudi Arabia in 1943. In the few days we had there we had an opportunity to become aware of the great future in oil that was being planned. I was there again in 1953 and had a great opportunity to discover the great improvements there.

I cite this because my military transport flying gave me the opportunity to visit many other Asian countries that I would not have been privileged to see. You cite your address as Taiwan, where I have been, and I must add that Abater part of my Taiwan trip included a brief visit to the Himalayan. mountains.

I no longer travel as much as that. I retired from the U.S.Air Force in 1964 and have kept up my interest by reading. My brief idea of the TRUTH of the "Present mess" is that it centers around such world trade matters as petroleum and such other "big money" from the International Banks.

My regards for your thoughts,

Reply to: "Zed B. Starkovich" July 20, 1999
Re: Fax communication Subject: Genocide and the Drug War
From: "Zed B. Starkovich"

It would be possible to spend the next several years developing a response to this July 12 contact on "Genocide and the Drug War."

During the latter years of the Forties I was an ROTC Instructor at Yale University. Many of the prominent names from Mr. Starkovich in his message are familiar to me as a function of that service, and other related service during my days in the military.

I commend him for his letter and can recommend books on similar subjects known as the INTRODUCTION TO THE BUSH SERIES. Others have been published by "EXECUTIVE INTELLIGENCE REVIEW."

Because the duties of my military experience carried me to at least seventy countries I have witnessed this subject on many fronts; but this is no place to elaborate on this extremely important subject. I commend the writer for surfacing this unequalled subject and highlighting its availability.
Thank you,

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TO: IRV HEINEMAN : July 12th 1999

Reference your comments re FRANCIS GARY POWERS, and LEE HARVEY OSWALD. Certainly by the time of POWERS death as a result of a non-tactical helicopter flight in Los Angeles he knew via one source or another that the trash of his U-2 flight over the USSR in 1960 was the fact that he had been provided with an improper fuel mixture that caused the loss of engine power when he reached high altitude,

As intended (by someone) this brought about the cancellation of the plans for a summit conference in Moscow.

There is no question about the fact that Powers knew that; therefore I can not understand the idea that "his mission and Oswald's somehow interlocked."

Incidentally, with reference to the "Powers" helicopter flight, have you ever heard that both General Lansdale and I were in the same type Army helicopter that had to make a forced landing on a major highway on a flight from the Pentagon? We were fortunate to have an able pilot, and we landed safely. The reason "may have been" that we were on our way to a special facility to observe demonstrations of that weapon's acceptance.

It may well be that this special weapon was one of the type used by the so-called "UMBRELLA MAN" who shot Kennedy from the front and put a large wound in his throat area, and a major explosion of its weapon in the back of his head. This was the "Fatal" wound for JFK. As far as I know, very few experts have inspected and evaluated this "UMBRELLA" weapon and its lethal utilization in DALLAS on Nov 22, 1963.

There can be reasons to believe that POWERS was correct that his fuel supply had been dangerous, after all he knew that had been the reason for his crash in the USSR,


For Jane Greer July 10/99

This is an important note from Ms GREER. I have always believed that the "LEE HARVEY OSWALD" role on NOV 22, 1963 in DALLAS may have been contrived. In any event I'll outline a possibility as I saw it. On that date, I was on official military orders from the Pentagon and was in NEW ZEALAND. I was having breakfast at 6-7 AM that morning in company with a U.S. Congressman from OHIO. A bit after 6:30, New Zealand time (17 hour difference from Washington) the Hotel announcer interrupted his normal announcements to say:"Ladies and Gentleman BBC have just announced that Kennedy has been SHOT DEAD during a drive through DALLAS. "

Naturally all of us in that N.Z. hotel dining room were shocked. We went out on the street later searching for the extra edition of the CHRISTCHURCH STAR with its earliest news. Before long we each had bought one. This created a source of information which I have yet to resolve. This is no place to present that red-hot front page news: but perhaps even more important, on page three of this same newspaper there was ad 6 by 5 inch photo labeled "THE MAN THEY ARRESTED" At the bottom of that photo was the statement:"LEE OSWALD, age 24, who has been arrested on suspicion of having shot President KENNEDY."

The photo does look somewhat as we have learned is the OSWALD photo, but there are some distinct variances. For one thing, this photo shows a young man with his hair neatly combed, with a smile on his face, wearing a dark business-suit, a pure white ; shirt with a routine office-hours necktie."

What concerned the Congressman and myself was the fact that this Christchurch New Zealand newspaper printed so far away printed a formal photo of this man who had just shot Kennedy. That photo could not possibly have been taken on that day in DALLAS, just after noon. All other photos of OSWALD that I have been able to gather Including my voluminous file in the PENTAGON that was available to me as soon as we returned'.

Furthermore, one of the first things I did after my perusal of those files was to go to the Library of Congress and obtain a worldwide record of photos available to countless newspapers. I found that the NZ STAR photo was a rare item; among others. The big question that I have had since that time is "How did the Newspapers of the world obtain a studio photo of a man supplied to be the Assassin/OSWALD even before the papers in DALLAS and other cities that had him in a neat business suiteIn an attempt to answer your letter, this STAR photo does not quite look like the routine LHO photo. His face is somewhat like I might expect for Oswald; but how did some photographer know that this "Studio" photo was going to have to be used and fanned out all the way to New Zealand and other distant places not only as a studio photo; but one with significant minor facial differences...but not much? That photo had to have been processed well before the moment...even on the"day"' of the murders.

I know there are countless other facts and questions that can be presented, and most be answered; but I simply used some of many records as a valid response to your letter.

Get out any collection of "OSWALD" photos and see the differences. Oliver Stone used my New Zealand photo in his movie "JFK" but cleverly processed in order to reduce a storm of protest. He did have stacks of "CHRISTCHURCH STARS", but they were copies.

I trust this provides an answer.
L. Fletcher Prouty

For TONY LLOYD July 5th/99
Re "the Lansdale book by CURREY. "

I had known Ed Lansdale from 1952 when I met him in the Philippines. As the years went by and American participation became more active I also knew him in Vietnam. In fact as a Military Air Transport Commander on flights from Tokyo through to Arabia, I had Lansdale as a passenger many times to many destinations. You make reference the book by Currey, EDWARD LANSDALE THE UNQUIET AMERICAN. dated 1988. I have had that book since it came out in 1988; so I have known Lansdale much longer than CURREY. I would rather read the Lansdale book anyday.

CURREY writes about me also; and he does not say such nice things about me either. I suggest you read our website records.

I have heard of a John Lansdale; but can not recall ever meeting him. Stick with Ed Lansdale and you'll have some interesting reading. His career in the Philippines and in Vietnam was notable. I worked with him there many times. Later, we were both transferred to Headquarters, U.S. Air Force and from there to the extremely interesting office headed by General Graves B. Erskine who was head of the Office of Special Operations, Ed Lansdale's carreer was much more importance and glamorous than the above mentioned. Since I worked in that same office with Erskine and Lansdale I recommend that you read my books on the subject "THE SECRET TEAM and "JFK, the CIA, VIETNAM and the Plot to Assassinate JFK."

L. Fletcher Prouty

Response to Ralph Philippi July 5th,1999

You have made reference to an interview in which you write:"And then a little less than a month later, those men were at Cairo, where Churchill came down and Chiang Kai-Shek came in from China. With Chiang Kai-Shek was his wife, Madame Chiang Kai-shek~nee May Ling Soong at that time the Wealthiest man in the world and probably one of the most powerful men. "That "quote" omits an important item, that should follow the words, "May Ling Soong." Insert here after "Soong" (insert), "daughter of Charlie Jones Soong and sister of T.V. Soong, at that time the wealthiest many in the world."

That omission makes it appear that Chiang Kai Shek was the wealthiest man in the world. T.V. SOONG was the wealthiest and Madame Chiangs' brother. Refer to my book "JFK, the CIA, VIETNAM and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, page 13. (I make reference to the latest and Up-Dated edition of the book. Your reference simple omits "Charlie Jones Soong and T.V. Jones.

The above correction, as noted is from my book. I trust I did not make this mistake in some other source.
Thank you for your comment and your interest.
L. Fletcher Prouty

For Roger S. Peterson. JULY 5th 99:

I have no recollection of "Point "4"
If your father served on some other station is was simply some special assignment.
This is rather frequent in special CIA assignments.

Dear Mr. Prouty:
America and the world proper will be forever in your debt.
We are all truly blessed when an insider to all tells the truth.

I am a Veteran and a Combat Veteran of Vietnam of the late 60s.
I shall not go into great depth trying to express my gratitude to
you, but rather I would like to know from your prospective WHO in this
world can we trust to tell us the truth after you leave (this mortal coil).

Thanks so much.....
Mr. Thomas D. Elich

Reply for Mr Thomas D. Elich April 24th 1999

I deeply appreciate your "E-mail" note. Your brief, but valuable question is most welcome however it raises a question that the individual involved finds difficult to compose an answer to.

I would say that such a person would have to start his career decades ago, as I did in the "Twenties" and then carry it though along the many trails provided all to make the full trip most valid. I can write when it all began; but I do not find the courage to find the ending.
Thanks again,

L. Fletcher Prouty

For "J. Baker" April 24th 1999

I certainly appreciate your desire to add your support for this website. All such assistance is deeply appreciated, especially when the support is received from a valid source. It just happens that my responsibilities in the Pentagon included the support of special requirements of the CIA.

In that capacity, I was aware of the men assigned to the U-2 group at Atsugi. if you have seen my book, or my CD-ROM with a photo of me at Atsugi in Japan on the day before the surrender of the Japanese to end WW II, you will realize when that started. Later I ordered certain men from Atsugi south to the Indonesia campaign. Oswald was one of them.

Most Of all, on the day JFK was killed I happened to be in Christchurch, NZ on my way back to the States from an official trip to the South Pole. I bought a newspaper, the Christchurch STAR while I was there and carried it back to my Pentagon office. I was stunned to see that the 'OSWALD' photo in the STAR was of a man wearing a fine business suet with white shirt and tie. That could not have been taken on Nov 22, l963;yet because of the great time differences be New Zealand and Dallas to be valid it, must have been taken well before 1963. For me that one irrefutable fact, Oswald could not have been the JFK assassin. Many other items were equally invalid.

This is one "fix" but it is valid enough to support the "he was not the assassin" facts.

L. Fletcher Prouty

For Thomas A. Beyrle April 24th 1999

I appreciate your good note. It has occurred to me over the years that a close answer to your important question is that reaches all of us whether we get the message.

My first public appearances date back to the Thirties, and my first public writing to the Forties. In those days I believed that WW II was making the world a better place to live but I do not feel that way today. Today I am convinced that the very fact of the existence of a universal "POWER ELITE" has removed things from our hands and injured our hearts in the process. I join with you with this major concern. I run into the problem you define almost every day.

May I wish you the best for these words of your heart and mind.

L. Fletcher Prouty

"For Linda B England April 20th 1999

This is an interesting contact; but it does not need too much input. You have so much of it there already. First of all it ought not to be necessary for me to enlarge upon most of your comments because they were quite well covered in my books and related work. My CD ROM has most of it. Then, if by chance you find a subject you need more on...cite that one.

For example you may know that M/Sgt. Hemming was assigned to the same airbase in Atsugi , Japan , as was Oswald assigned to at the same time. As that picture in my book reveals, I was there the day before the Japanese signed the surrender for WW II. Years later when we had become, via the CIA, involved in some action in Indonesia, we had to send some skilled men to that area; and one of them was Oswald. These are all not exactly coincidences.

When we quickly withdrew the aircraft I had sent to that area to support that action, I had to have them based in Vietnam and Okinawa. It was some of those same B-26's that I used for the aircraft needed for the Cuban invasion plan; that most unfortunately was cancelled because of some MacBundy intrigue.

I know that I have written a lot about Hunt but I am not positive at this date that I can recount that entire story. He was an active guy, and always seemed to get into the wrong action.

As you must know from my writing I certainly do not subscribe to the routine "JFK Assassination" story. In my books I explain that I had been introduced to the system during a trip around the world that Allen Dulles arranged for me. I found out how it works, and I have written about it

I'll let things go here; and will invite you to come back with specific questions at your pleasure. Thank you for your most interesting letter,

L. Fletcher Prouty

For Geoff Cave, New Zealand April 20th 1999

It is a real pleasure to have your good letter. Your own concept of the "JFK" Assassination and related matters is very good. Too many people try to solve it in terms of USA items only. It was an international product produced by skilled experts.

You ask me about other writers on the subject. At the same time you have mentioned my CD ROM collection. Of course there are many more. One of the better collections of such items is: HIGH TREASON by ROBERT GRODEN AND HARRISON LIVINGSTONE.

It is full of Sources and Notes. It was published in 1989 and may still be available via:

The Conservatory Press
212 Emily Lane
Boothwyn, PA 19061

You might also check at Tom Davis Books (Jeff Davis)

I trust you can locate it, and thank for you compliments.

L. Fletcher Prouty

For Mary Kounas, March 12th 1999

You ask how the Pentagon Works? My books, "THE SECRET TEAM"' and "JFK, the CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy" cover the question. The Pentagon is a massive organization that provides the Headquarters and their Staffs.I was there from the Mid-Fifties to the Mid-Sixties. Such special duties are too public and too refined to lend themselves to the demands of those who plan such activities as the Vietnam War and the Assassination. My books clarify this.

Next you make mention of a POWER ELITE. For centuries historians have made reference to the fact that society is led and controlled by very able groups of society for their own purposes. They are not always led by military people. More frequently they are groups of wealth among themselves. Again this must be studied separately. They are historic elements of civilization. The BILDERBERG Group is a modern creation of such a society that arose to great power after World War II, and contained selected members of our own U.S. top military leaders... usually for brief periods to perform certain selected functions.

I myself attended the Graduate School of Banking at the University of Wisconsin under the American Bankers Association. I have been to two international banking conferences as a result of such experience. I am personally familiar with the existence and functions of such organizations. My book makes such experiences clear with reference to the existence and function of such organizations on a global scale. After all, the over-all cost of the Vietnam War had to have been spent somewhere somehow. Please go through these books and I shall be pleased to discuss your subjects with you as desired. I agree with you, "They ought to be presented accurately by both of us".

L. Fletcher Prouty Colonel, US AIR FORCE, RET"D

For Paul Stayert. March 2nd/99

The answer to "Why have I spoken out?"

I have had no choice. I was put into the job of SPECIAL OPERATIONS on orders and saw early service in the Vietnam War days. Later was transferred to Headquarters U.S. Air Force to set up Special Operations there. This was followed he a transfer to the Office of Special Operations with the Secretary of Defense - which included Lansdale. Then again transferred the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to head up the Office of Special Operations there along with Gen. Krulak.

I was put through a special course with the CIA by Allen Dulles and then sent around the world to visit 42 CIA Chief's of Stations. I was sent to Antarctica... perhaps... so that I would be far out of Washington at the time JFK was assassinated.

Think about it. Did I have any choice? Speaking the truth myself has been much better than having others who do not know the truth tell lies about me and my work. Did I have a choice?

Col. L. Fletcher Prouty (ret'd)

To: Jeremy Bate March 18th/99

Subject: "Vietnam Refugees."

The question is good, "What exactly did the Saigon Military Mission do which would cause so many Northern refugees to uproot themselves from their ancestral homeland and move to the South?" The only way I can answer that is as I did in my book with its emphasis on the Chapter of that name. Those homeless North Vietnamese had been under the French rule for 100 years or more and now new rulers under Ho Chi Minh with vast USA/WWII stockpiles just ran them out of their homeland, etc.

Be aware of the fact that the Vietnam War in one way or another produced more than $500 billion for the USA military armament an example. The first set of ideas in the book gives you some good ideas. Keep in mind that the Teheran Conference of Nov/Dec 1943 made the plans for the Korean and Vietnamese wars...all for hundreds of billions of dollars.

In order to understand the Saigon Refugee situation as described in my book, "JFK, the CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy," I suggest you refer to an important statement made by the then Sec. of State John F. Dulles when he said, Mar 8, 1955.

"So far, about six hundred thousand persons have fled from northern Vietnam, and before the exodus is over the number will probably reach one million. They are destitute and penniless persons with only such possessions as they can carry on their backs." Under the control of the "Saigon Military Mission" they had been transported by U.S. Navy ships and by the C.I.A.'s civil air transport airline to the to the Saigon region in south. This is the way that the CIA and its sponsors had made war in Vietnam.

For more details and accurate commentary may I refer you to p.51 in the same book for the beginning of the full story of that same "Saigon Military Mission." in order to understand this entire military operation, as carried out under the control of Ed Lansdale it will be essential to continue with your reading of the book. I knew Lansdale from 1952 when I first flew him to Saigon until he died recently here in Alexandria, VA where he had been my neighbor.

Many people misunderstand that on the very same date that the WW II treaty between the U.S.A. and Japan was signed, Sep 2, 1945 on board the battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay. At the same time, the same date, Ho Chi Minh took over the control of Vietnam and began the campaign we call the Vietnam War. (All of this is carefully and completely described in my "JFK" book mentioned above.)

For those who do not yet get the story, I wish to have them refer to the photos that follow page 156 in my "JFK-Vietnam" book where it states specifically:

"Tonkinese northern Catholic refugees on their way to South Vietnam with their belongings. More than 600,000 were transported in U.S. Navy ships under the supervision of CIA's Saigon Military Mission.

"Over one million of these fixed base people were moved to South Vietnam. They were penniless, homeless and unwanted. Inevitably they became bandits, insurgents, and fodder for the war that came later."

I believe the book tells the story, and if you have not read it you are welcome to write to me and order one.

Yours truly,

L. Fletcher Prouty

To: Burt Wilson March 18/99 Subject: SADAT
I may not have written much about the Middle East; but I have had a lot of experience there. In Nov 1943, President Roosevelt sent a special Geological Survey Team to a small oil well development at DHAHRAN on the east coast of Arabia. I was based in Morocco at the time and was directed to fly them to Tunis, Cairo, Teheran, Bahrain and then to Dhahran. It was the first of such a trip to the ARAMCO area. The President met in Cairo that month with Chiang Kai Shek and Winston Churchill. While he was there he met with this team that was headed by B/Gen. Cyrus R. Smith, the founder and President of American Airlines. It was a result of that meeting that Roosevelt ordered the construction of a 50,000 barrel per day refinery to augment WW II requirements.

After ending my trip with this biological Survey team, I was ordered to transfer to Cairo, and was there to fly the Chinese delegation from Cairo to Teheran for that Dec 1943 conference with Roosevelt, Chiang Kai Shek, Churchill and Stalin. This has been a controversial matter ever since then. All but one or two books I have ever seen do not include the Chinese at the Teheran Conference. I have no problem with that question. My crew and I were there, and we had flown the Chinese there.

This is the kind of history we have for much of the Middle East. It leads to the murder of Anwar Sadat during the Seventies as you have pointed out. However there are countless good books about that part of the world. I have received some magnificent books from the Saudian Arabian Oil Company and they list hundreds more. Their offices are in Houston, Texas.

To: Gotaro Obayashi - March 12/99

I am pleased to have your note. During the 1950's I was the manager of TOKYO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT and met a lot of Japanese friends, and traveled all over the country. During the latter part of the FIFTIES and the first half of the sixties I was in the Pentagon.

This Pentagon job put me in the office of the Secretary of Defense and later of the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff. During this latter part JPK was President. I received official orders to travel with a Nuclear Power organization that was from the White House staff and JFK sent them to the south to Antarctica. I was sent as the Military Liaison Officer with about 50 technicians who had been instructed by JFK to establish a Nuclear Power network in many sites in the Antarctic. JFK was much in favor of such a network to provide heat, light, power, water to the network of stations there, and as an example for its beneficial usage in the whole Continent.

Such projects among others, especially military projects had created bad feeling against JFK because such activities took the place of many multi-billion dollar ones established during the Eisenhower terms that had led to enormous military budgets, that the Republicans expected NIXON would continue.

It might be said that as soon as JFK beat NIXON at the polls in Nov. 1960 he began to create an enormous power-group that was strongly against him. This group which contained such men as the DULLES brothers were much opposed to JFK.

I was asked to work, one night in John Foster Dulles home, and with his brother Allen. For hours I listened to them talk about an important aircraft accident that had taken place in the USSR. The Dulles brothers called many strong people they knew to attempt a solution to this problem.

Among their activities were direct telephone calls to powerful men all over the world...the accident had taken place in the USSR near the Caspian Sea. After such a call Allen Dulles said to me and another associate, "We have to do these things all the time for the President. We are LAWYERS, not CHIEFS." This was a crucial comment. It showed that such men were placed in such jobs in order to lawyers do, with essential top leaders in the world.

It is my belief that after they had left the Government, they were still "Lawyers" and that they, and men like them, saw to it that as JFK became more and more powerful and dangerous to their big-money tasks that it would be necessary to move him from the PRESIDENCY.

This does not explain the whole story clearly; but it does say that JFK was killed by the special ''assassins" who were a part of the power group and responsive to the "lawyers" such as the DULLES brothers. Such groups in most cases were citizens of other countries and trained for their tasks by the sources of power and money around the world. Under such arrangements, the DULLES brothers could have been the lawyers for the JFK case. Certainly not Lee Harvey Oswald, who once worked at the Air Base in ATSUGI, and others like him. They are a part of the created "Cover Story."

CLOSE: Allen Dulles died of pneumonia on Jan 29, 1969.

L. Fletcher Prouty

To: Irv Heineman - March 12/99

To pick up your question that has to do with the explosive bullet of the JFK era, I shall open Leonard Moseley's fine book, DULLES. On page 459 it provides some good comments on this bullet, etc. by commenting ALLEN DULLES: Now he was interested in the more sinister Agency experiments in mind bending drugs, portable phials of lethal viruses and esoteric poisons that killed without trace. Allen's sense of humor was touched when he learned that the unit working on these noxious enterprises was called the Health Alteration Committee (directed by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and Boris Pash), and he added to his collection of CIA curios a noiseless gun which the committee had produced for firing darts smeared with LSD, germs, or venom at enemy agents or foreign personalities whose existence the CIA was finding embarrassing."

You will note, in this opener, we have the names "Gottleib and Pash." It just happens that Gottlieb died on March 7, 1999 in Washington, DC. I worked rather closely with him and his staff, MKULTRA during certain years of my assignment in the Pentagon under Gen. Erskine and with Lansdale. This is where our story begins.

One day Lansdale came across the hall to my office with a man whom he addressed as the "Inventor" of a new small, and special weapon which he would like to have us study. The man remained in my office for an hour or more as he took that small weapon that was little more than a high-powered "dart" that was fired from a pipe-let about the size of a "milk-shake straw". The tip of this device could be loaded with a high explosive, and the whole thing could be fired through this "straw" from any small pipe, or barrel. In his eagerness, he inserted one into a straw section about 10 or 12" inches long. Then he lightly touched a small button and in a silent instant it flashed across my office, into the wall on the other side.

As he calmed me down he told me that this device could be fired from many of the best might be an ordinary umbrella modified to fired it through a "straw-like' tube at high and silent speed. It would be silent and would explode upon hitting its target...say another human being.

A week later Ed Lansdale and I took a helicopter ride from the Pentagon to a special laboratory that had been working with the inventor and some of their staff of specialists. In a short time they had adequately demonstrated this new, silent device. It killed a goat at a distance of about 30-40 feet.

Of the many devices these men had worked on was an umbrella. The handle contained the hand-activated, silent trigger. This fired the small rocket at the goat. The deadly part of this tiny weapon was a sight set at about the sight in the handle to be even with a tip of the umbrella rib. The sight and umbrella were designed to be in a perfectly straight and level line. The dart would hit the "target-animal" silently and at high speed. Then it would be exploded with a terrific burst inside the body of the target. Anyone could see that this weapon was lethal.

Lansdale and I returned to the Pentagon and as far as I recall this device was entered into the MKULTRA arsenal of special "toys."

I believe that this is the weapon you have described in your e-mail message. I have always believed that it would be uncovered in due time. Perhaps the timely death of Col Gottlieb. opened the door. Much can be said about this weapon and its possible utilization as the JFK assassination tool.

You may be interested to know that there is a new assassination book, "ASSASSINATION SCIENCE" on the market by a skilled team of doctors who are familiar with the JFK Assassinations and the medical work that has been studied since then. I suggest you get the book, and speak to these specialists.

Thank you for your note,

L. Fletcher Prouty
Colonel USAF (Ret'd)
formerly...Chief of Special Operations

Response to Rebecca Lord Feb 15, 1999

I am pleased to have your note and your comments about my old associate Jim Garrison. We both worked hard on the assassination story.. As you say, it was a conspiracy and not the casual work of an "Oswald and Ruby'. The men of power in this country maintain, along with other foreign interests of the "High Cabal" assassination experts who take care of that work for them. The familiar names are no more than the cast of characters. We also worked together during the Oliver Stone project

You write about reading Garrison's book. That is a good idea. I would like to suggest that I have a CD ROM with more than 100 articles and speeches, plus two books: 1.) "THE SECRET TEAM" And another from the movie work on "JFK, THE CIA, VIETNAM AND THE PLOT TO ASSASSINATE JOHN F KENNEDY" You can buy the CD-ROM, or either of the books for $34.95 each. They will get you up to date on that subject. ~ There are many letters between Garrison and myself on the CD as well.

You ask, "What you believe happened at DALLAS." It's all in my books. The "High Cabal" decided that they had to get rid of Kennedy. They did.

L. Fletcher Prouty

FOR:, Feb 15,1999

Enjoyed your message. It is amazing how few Americans realize that the Kennedy assassination was the result of action, under orders, by men trained for such tasks. All of the other characters, from Oswald on down are a part of the scenario only.

You mention "Harrelson/Sturgis. It makes no difference who they are, The "tramps" were simply ordered/paid to play a role. They did and then disappeared. What is important about that first "Tramps" photo is that it included one of the CIA's top characters, Gen. Ed Lansdale.

None of that scene meant a thing except diversion. Assassination teams are trained at bases over-seas and used only when and where they are required and then under the orders of members of the "High Cabal" for one purpose or another. They are removed, and they never stand trial.

Thanks for your note,
L. Fletcher Prouty

From "Kenneth Branson"
Date: Tues Feb 16, 1999

Enjoyed your comments about Bernard J. O'Keefe.
When I was on active duty in the Pentagon during the 50's and 60's, I got to know him quite well. My quote from him is accurate. Rather than continue here may I suggest that you look up O'Keefe in the Preface of my book "JFE, the CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy." If you do not have the book you may contact Len Osanic. I must say that for the most part, I would agree with O'Keefe, among others. (Just as a note: I believe-most of what is happening now over much of the world is an increased control of OIL and for its potential transport. I flew the first U.S. Government ''Geological Survey Team to Saudi Arabia in Nov 1943, and have kept reasonably close to that subject since then. Ciao,
L. Fletcher Prouty

FOR: Bob Vernon - 4 FEB 99

To make things as clear as possible, may I ask that you obtain a copy of my book "JFK, the CIA, VIETNAM and the plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy" and turn to pages 283, 284, 285. It will give you an idea of my experience. I was a "Military Officer" and not a policeman, detective or lawyer. In spite of that I did have much experience that most others have no idea of. When Presidents were travelling I would be notified and would work with the Secret Service, and the military Presidential Protection organizations to carry out the specific orders those organizations have for the job.

As a result you can imagine my concern when I got back to my desk in the Pentagon from Antarctica to find a note from the Deputy of one of the Air Force units that had received special training in Presidential Protection and was highly experienced; and was based in Texas had received specific orders that they would not be needed in Dallas on the Nov 22nd. They, and others like them would have provided the same high degree of protection they were trained to do.

Some "Power Elite" had called them off. There's your answer.

Aa a function of my experience I knew that "Assassin Teams are trained and housed in other countries, and when needed they are called. They do the killing. The other military Units provide the protection. Depends upon what their "Power Elite" masters want, (They don't use Oswald either way.)

This is why the law does not want to touch them, and cannot.

As for Col John Ralston, he was not USAF.
L, Fletcher Prouty

Question to Col. Prouty A few years ago I taped a rebroadcast of NBC's coverage on the assassination. You're right, within a few hours of the assassination they had all this information on Oswald, living in Russia, married to a Russian wife out while he was just a suspect for killing Tippit. Where before, everyone had stated that it was a right-wing plot now pointed to a left-wing plot. I was only 3 years old at the time so I don't remember but I bet Americans must have been really niave about their Government. I mean from what I read about JKF, it appears that his foreign policy was moving way to the left after the Cuban Missile Crisis. Cuba, Vietnam, The hot line between Moscow and Washington, The Test Ban Treaty, his American Universary Speech, no Communist in 1963 would have been against this policy. What would they have gain other than LBJ who's views on communism was similar to Nixon's. No it had to be people on the opposite side of the political spectrum. Having said that, once they heard about Oswald's background, it was very easy to stir the truth away from everybody.

Col. Prouty, someday I'm going to wake up and turn on the TV and there will be a news bulliten saying that the JFK case has broken. I know with the media's view on this subject, that's a long shot but with people like yourself and other researchers, the truth becomes closer everyday and sooner or later, they, the media will have to relent.

I have to ask, did you ever meet JFK? What kind of person was he?


Reply to Chris

CHRIS: Of the many "JFK Assassination" letters I have received during the past 3 decades and more, yours is one that does a fair job with certain accurate items.

Every American ought to understand that when a Presidential trip has been planned, foreign or domestic, one of the first things initiated is the orders for "Presidential Protection." During my sine years in the Pentagon I was the official Focal point officer first for the U.S. Air Force and then for the Department of Defense for contacts with the CIA on all matters pertaining to the military support of the Special Operations (Clandestine Operations.) Among these formal duties was to provide support for the Secret Service and for the "Presidential Protection" units of the military. In such a capacity my responsibilities included both foreign and domestic travel.

As I look back over the years now, I wonder if the fact that I had been ordered on a very special activity in Antarctica during the month of November in 1963 had anything to do with the fact that President Kennedy's assassination was performed during that period; and that what might have been routine protection operations were not carried-out : had anything to do with the fact that that I was not available to coordinate Kennedy's Dallas trip during that; month. Anyone... yes anyone, ought to understand that the absolutely protection for that trip was not provided.

To this fact there can but one reasonable answer. The "Power Elite" foreign and domestic who set up the assassination plan and operations were provided with the opportunity to utilize the opportunity to cancel the most crucial orders in any Presidential trip. The existence of Presidential Protection orders and the use of highly skilled assassins from our camps that are staffed and maintained in various spots around the world. As a function of my official duties I had visited certain of those of which had been chosen for the "JFK HIT."

The above is absolutely essential to any understanding of the murder of President Kennedy, and to all the false trails that have been constructed to create vast misunderstanding. This opposition to Kennedy began as soon as he upset Nixon during the 1960 election. From that date on the new President was the target of this plan.

You mention the names of others who claim information of one kind or another; but it is all contrived.

In your letter you mention me as "one of the researchers". I do not do the research. I have known precisely how it was done since the first day I read about it in the Christchurch New Zealand "STAR" when I was on my way home from the South Pole.

Yes, I had met Kennedy. We were both from Massachusetts. I am a few months older than he would be now. When his father was made Ambassador to the "Court of St James" in London my First Cousin was retained by Rose Kennedy to assist her with the raising of her many children. I was asked to visit him in his office in the Senate Office building as a function of my work from time to time. He knew the Cuban Invasion leaders and those Cubans used to visit at the Kennedy home in Florida. As he wrote in NSAM #263 of Oct 1960, had he lived he never would have had our men fighting in South Vietnam. Kennedy would have been one of our finest Presidents; except for the "Power Elite" action of Nov. 22, 1963.

L. Fletcher Prouty

P.S. I suggest you read my CD ROM It covers the Kennedy assassination thoroughly.

From: Chris
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 12:00:58 EST
Subject: Questions About the Assassination

Dear Col. Prouty

I have several questions about the assassination:

Has General Ed Landsdale been accounted for his whereabouts during the days Thursday the 21st thru the weekend?

Also Gerry Patrick Hemming, Frank Sturgis, E.Howard Hunt, Joseph Milteer..where do these folks fit in? Where they in Dallas that day? It appears that Hunt may have been in Dallas the day before the Assassination.

In the Willis photo, there is a figure called "Black Dog Man" in front of the concrete wall near the grassy knoll, could this be Gordon Arnold?

In the Zapruder film, in the beginning, a motorcycle policeman appears to leave the motorcade as he turns on to Elm street. Has this ever been investigated? I thought I read that Lee Bowers stated that he "saw a motorcycle cop come up the road that breaks away from Elm and into the parking lot", or something like that. He didn't know why he was there?

The cars that Lee Bowers saw prior to the assassination, could they have been the ones that were driven from Florida stated in Mark Lane's book Rush For Judgement: The Last Word segment? After all those cars had out of state license plate and the one Chevy impala had been muddy up to the door.

Thanks Chris

Reply to Chris

There is no question of the fact that Ed Lansdale was in Ft Worth, TX on Nov 21; and "happened" to stay in the same hotel where JFK stayed that night.

Then he is spotted as the passing pedestrian in front of the Schoolbook depository as the 'Tramps were being left by, past that same spot in the "Phoney" uniforms. etc. That entire ''Tramps" scene was staged, the way so much else was a fake on that day.

Later Lansdale returned to Washington and worked in the CIA-leased office building in Arlington. I worked in the bank across the street and saw him there many times. Also he moved to a house in Alexandria not too far from where I have lived since 1965 or 1966 to the present. As I recall Ed died at age 80 a few years ago.

You have listed Hemming, Sturgis, Howard Hunt and Milteer. I used to know Hunt very well during my Office of Special Operations days. I haven't "studied" the others.

You ask about "Black Dog Man. If he happened to have come from an over-seas "Assassin" village, I might have met him. I do not know Gordon Arnold.

Re the Motorcycle police man on Elm St I have heard that he is considered to have been some sort of message receiver. I can't be much help about the cars from Florida.

For those who wish to understand the JEK assassination they must learn about the ['Around the World" villages where such experts are trained and house, families and all. They are not to be construed as living in the USA. The "Power Elite" or ''High Cabal" (Winston Churchill's term are rarely if ever users of local types. They use highly skilled, well equipped and well taken care of foreign experts. The Warren Commission and all the rest are fine cover for them.

L. Fletcher Prouty
Colonel, USAF (Ret'd)

This is a modest response to the Jan 12th note from Kevin E. Abrams.
Your useful definitions of "Labor" and Capital" reminds me of how Winston Churchill would use the term "High Cabal" to designate those who because of their wealth and power along with their associates were able to create and support warfare...or most any other power demand with their associates. Others such as Leonard Lewin in his "Report from Iron Mountain" have done well with the same type of human society's "Labels."

L. Fletcher Prouty
Colonel, USAF (Ret'd)

Jan ~ 12th note from Christian Lucas

It is a pleasure to received your question and comments on the subject of the UFO's. To my knowledge, and despite my flights around the world including the South Pole and much of the Arctic I have yet to see my first "Flying Saucer.' However, sometime in the Fifties I received an official communication from Headquarters, U. S. Air Force when I was in Tokyo as Commander of a heavy air transport squadron with scheduled flights West to Saudi Arabia and Easterly flights to Honolulu. This message, was highly classified, i.e. TOP SECRET and stated that because of the increasing reports of unknown objects in the sky the Air Forces was instructing its Commanders to brief all crew members that if they ever saw and abject, any object in the sky that they were to report it as soon as possible to their Commander.

One day a crew came back to Tokyo from Honolulu and reported to me that they had seen some object they could not identify, and that they were certain it was not any form of ordinary flying object.

As ordered I put the men in separate rooms and had Military Police take their statements; and the next day those similar...and quite valid...statements were on their way to the Pentagon. I have never heard from them since. However I have heard of a few incidents like that by others.

With this much valid experience I have been able to believe a good part of what I hear about such sightings although I can not add that I have seen any myself.

I can not give answers about Presidential briefings, and I am not familiar with the acronym "CSETI". Your own comments sound real and I trust you are able to get us all some good and valid replies.

L.Fletcher Prouty
Colonel USAF (Ret'd)

RE: James Files Story"
Len, with reference to the "Bob Vernon" question about James Files and the rest, as you know I firmly believe that all this "Mafia done it" or "Mafia covered for it" information is as incorrect as the "Oswald-Ruby" story.

There are two very strong points that must be considered about the JFK assassination that must be answered or the story is this "Files" story.

When a Presidential trip, such as the Kennedy trip to Dallas, Nov 22, 1963 one of the very first things done is to send a professional Secret Service, and U.S. Militray "Presidential Protection" to the planned site weeks ahead of time to totally evaluate the area, and to lay out their protection plans.

This was not done in the JFK case in Dallas on that day. There had been no prior "on site" inspection and work and no body of "protection" troops on duty. This neglect had to have been planned that way, and it could only have been done by a body of high-positioned experts under the control of an inside power-elite we showed in the Stone "]FK" movie.

If the Mafia had planned the job, they would have run into a full team of "Secret Service and Presidential Protection" skilled man who had been casing the city for weeks.

I am not fabricating this story. I have traveled with, and worked with such teams; and most of all I am very familiar with their methodology.

Any contrived "Assassins" such as Oswald, Files, Mafia, etc. is not possible. People who dream that up do not give credit to the fact that all such Presidential trips are well monitored one way or another by Government people. History supports this story. I get concerned about these folks who write about this case as they do because they have to be fabricating the story. The other most important factor in the "JFK" case is that there has never been a "Murder Trial" in the State of Texas. Our laws demand that a trial be held in the state in which tile murder takes place, and that this does not apply to a "Warren Commisson" type facade. Only some Power Elite group could have had the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and others sit on an official was a Phoney Commission.

Then we have a "Lawyer" write a book about "Case Closed." There has never been a case to close.

The above are notes for consideration And use as necessary.

L. Fletcher Prouty
Colonel, USAF (Ret'd)

Reply for John Moore - Jan 28/99:
There would never be a list of names of those who, themselves, took part in the assassination of JFK. Such Top Level assassinations are done by trained and controlled professionals who are trained and hired for the job. Most likely they were not Americans, and were living in a foreign country. This is professional work and is not done by such "actors" as Oswald. The latter are the cover story.

Re: "Jolly" West. When I first went to the Pentagon after returning from Japan during the Korean War, he was in the same office I was assigned to... just until my office was remodeled, He was quite a character.

I know that his name has been linked with that of Patty Hearst. However that was a "cover story" when her father was in the process of bidding for the ownership of the Washington STAR newspaper. The day the bids were scheduled to be opened, was the same day Patty was "kidnapped on the West Coast" and her father did not make another bid for that newspaper. Patty, was ''concealed" in a gang of renegades. West entered the story later.

I have heard recently that both Dr West and David Belin have died recently. Both wore quite notorious. Your contact is a reminder of the old-days in the Pentagon, etc.)

L. Fletcher Prouty
Colonel, USAF (Ret'd)

TO: Loredana Akhtar via

I am pleased to have your letter. You are one of the few who have accepted the facts of the Kennedy assassination that I wrote for Oliver Stone. Such murders are not planned and carried out by local tramps. They are professional jobs.

In order for you to read more about this will you please send a mailing address to: He will get in touch with me. I have written two books that you will enjoy, "THE SECRET TEAM" AND "JFK, THE CIA, VIETNAM and the PLOT to ASSASSINATE JOHN F. KENNEDY. " Or you may order my CD ROM that has both books and countless other articles. They all are written from my own experience from the days of the Korean War to the present.


L. Fletcher Prouty
Colonel, USAF (Ret'd)

From Tom Moor - Jan 14th 1999

One question I wanted to ask Col. Prouty. That is: of the many drafts of NSAM 273, the most incriminating by far is the first draft.

1) First of all it is dated 11/21/63, the eve of Kennedy's death
2) Secondly it reverses US policy on withdrawal from Vietnam set forward in NSAM 263
3) And Finally it contains the fascist directive that "It is of the highest importance that the United States government avoid either the appearance or reality of public recrimination from one part of it against the other..."

Obviously, this particular draft of 273 constitutes a smoking gun linking Kennedy's assassination with the Vietnam war. I have Fletcher's copy on his disk, but my question is, can it be found anywhere else? Critics, like Chomsky say that there are only post-assassination drafts of this document (and those drafts do not contain the statement about US govt recriminations). Is this first draft on file somewhere in the National Archives as a matter of record?

Is there someone else out there besides Col Prouty who still has their copy and will vouch for it? If so, than it could not be so casually dismissed by Prouty's critics. I would really appreciate a response to this question, which has been troubling me for some time.


Tom Moor

Reply to TOM MOOR:
Thanks for your good letter dated Jan 14th. It is a valuable letter, and I shall be writing more about it for you and for others. Many of us have been attacked for things we have written on the subject of NSAM 273 and related matters.

For the present, I wish to refer you to a section of my hook "JFK, the CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy." I urge you to read Chapters Eighteen and Nineteen.

In the meantime meantime I am doing some related research that I will make available later. I have already found one important bit of work. The Government has withdrawn the sourcebook that I used for my work along with hundreds of others. The original is "Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961-1963 Volume IV, "Vietnam August-December 1963" with a new, and corrupted one, dated 1991. Unfortunately I have loaned my original to a writer friend and shall not be able to may extracts from it until I get it back.

This crafty deal is like the one they have played with the "Pentagon

Papers." They are not reliable at all. This is why the critics can write anything they want and blame me, or Stone, etc. for our "errors."

L. Fletcher Prouty

b. From "sparrows" Jan 8, 1999

Here is some response to your questions. I'm pleased to read that you are working on a book. That is the way to learn the subject. May I suggest you read one, or both of my books: "THE SECRET TEAM", "JFK, the CIA, VIETNAM and the PLOT TO ASSASSINATE John F. Kennedy" or get my CD ROM that includes both booth and more on the subject.

As with most of what happened on and around Dealey Plaza on Nov 22, 1962 I believe very little of it. That scenario was performed to cover the reel culprits and their methods. For example, you may know that NIXON was meeting with Pepsi Cola officials at the very time of the murder….meeting in DALLAS.

LBJ was required to play a role that had never been played before. A President and a Vice-President are prohibited from riding, or marching in a processional together. I have worked with the Presidential Protection units and I know that. Then why was LBJ permitted to be in the parade?

Pepsi Cola may have been "one of the powers" as you say; but we must not forget that our country is made up of many powers who team up together for many things. They maintain that capability...but usually employ foreigners for the job.

You have used a good expression: "Too many people were BANKING on winning." They did. They work together.

"The Secret Service played a serious role operationally." Not quite right...they played a serious role "as Actors." I have worked with them in other countries. It's a demanding job…in the least. They must always be right; but DALLAS???

The autopsy and X-Ray photos may have been "authentic" but they were used falsely as cover-up of the real thing;

Remember: check with my CD ROM it contains a lot of things you may never have heard. Also get the new book "Assassination Science." It's the work of serious doctors, and pro's.

L. Fletcher Prouty

Date: Sat,9 Jan' 99

Subject: Zapruder film alteration

McKenna: Your work is good. Before I add anything I would like to ask if you have seen the new book, "ASSASSINATION SCIENCE"? It is good. I'd like to mention p 207 where they mention the Workshop participants in the Lancer Conference at Dallas, 21-23 Nov,1996: David Mantik, - David Lifton, Jack White, Chuck Marler, Noel Twyman, Ron Kepler, Roy Schaeffer,, and Robert Morningstar with contributions by Martin Shackelford, Art Snyder and and Sherry Gutierrez, I know a few of them. It is a good list.

The book is good too, because it deals with a lot of experts and a lot of special subjects. As you may know, I do not put one inch of credence on any part of the assassination that deals with the customary routine of Dealey Plaza, Oswald, the Warren Commission, etc.

The assassination had to have been done in the customary manner employed by powerful groups who have their own assassins and the power to control events. If you have my CD ROM it covers the whole story including my two books.

Thanks for your note.

L. Fletcher Prouty

DEC. 3rd/1998

To "Harry",

I am not surprised by your reaction to reading about our good old "VP" Lyndon B. Johnson. It happens that during many years of my assignment in the Pentagon LBJ's secretary was the wife of an officer who had been stationed in Tokyo with us. Then back in Washington, she became LBJ's secretary. With that proximity to the great man, I must say that I concur with your vary version of the guy; but at the same time I am quite positive that he was not the man who assassinated JFK.

May I suggest that you look in my book, "JFK, the CIA, Vietnam and the plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy" It explains my idea of the LBJ's role. If you don't have the book you can get it via the website, or you can get on our new CD-ROM.

To John Urban,

Your phrase, "The Masters make the rules, " is a good one. Then you add, "what motivated the military and government arrangers of his murder?''

You say you have read my book, and may have scanned my CD-ROM, the answers are there.

Oliver Stone's "JFK" where a group of businessmen, etc. at their CLUB were discussing JFK and how that hated him as President. I have seen such scenes in real life, and that's why I got it into the script. It is my belief, as a result of considerable experience that this is the way it all began as a plot, and as far back as the realization that NIXON had not been elected President in 1960. Then such edicts, from JFK, as NSAM 263 put the whole game into play.

Certain military and government types may have played a role. Many would have been willing; but that's not their job. The true system works differently.

Your next paragraph makes a lot of sense; but a clean and effective job does not use the role players from USA resources. The true assassins are from an over-seas resource, and they return there immediately. This "WARREN COMMISSION" was and is 100% staged. Then the money, year after year, goes to the accounts of the true perpetrators as we have seen for more than 30 years.

I knew both Dulles brothers officially and well, and Lansdale even better. I only knew Hoover from casual meetings. They carried out important roles assigned by the actual planners and operators. Everyone get paid, or related benefits. After all, you and I got to work everyday...or have done so...and our salary was what we got. It is part of the functions of such jobs. However, in his hook "THE KENNEDY WOMEN" Lawrence Leamer writes (Page 584) "HOOVER HATED KENNEDY,"

On this subject I will say as I have before in connection with Ed Lansdale that he was accustomed to doing his job along with whatever rewards it may have raised for him. But, Lansdale knew, just as I knew, that there are cadres of "assassins" skilled in their work who perform their jobs as ordered. These units are not in the USA.

With reference to Lansdale, keep in mind that he ways the one who caused the removal more than one million North Vietnamese to the South, and it is that mass of homeless people who became what we called the Diet Cong This was his type of specialty; as he had proved in the Philippines with what became known as the HUKS.

The Dulles brothers were able and interesting. I recall that during one of my visits to Allen Dulles' home that he explained that he and his brother actually were Lawyers...not Statesmen; and that it was their specialty to carry out the orders of others.

Keep in mind that this idea- of "corruptness" that you talk about has to do with such things as the Southeast Asia drug trade that had its US relationship as far back as WW II when we had troops marching across Burma to Southeast Asia all with fi full division of Chinese, many of whom were Drug masters. This grew into one of the major parts of the current drug business in this country. Those military involved...such as the HAND of the NUGAN-HAND Bank made plenty of money. As I recall he was under 30 and a low ranking CIA civilian until he was placed with the Australian named Nugan. That's another story, on the CD-ROM.

L. Fletcher Prouty

Response to E-mail from John Urban, Nov 26, 1998

John, I have your letter about "War Profits'' and related topics. First of all, I have written much about that in my books "The Secret Team" and "JFK, the CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy." It is the scenes of the latter book and the Oliver Stone movie where I have it in plain language. .

You may recall the scene where the big businessmen are discussing- this very subject, Kennedy signed an NSAM 263 that said, among other things that he would have 1,000 soldiers home by Christmas of 1963." And "All Americans will be out of Vietnam by the end of 1965

I have discussed that widely in the books;-with even more in the new CD-ROM. If the war had been ended by 1965 it would have produced a nominal sum. As it was we spent about $551 billion on the Vietnam War. The military and government people collected their salaries.
The businessmen collected that money. This is why Kennedy died.

- My books and all go into this in detail. I urge you to write me after you have had the time to read them, or the CD.

Nov 25th/98

Hello Len, Fortunate to have fine weather. I can get out and walk, and even did some yard work today. In between I spent quite a while getting rid of old papers and books. it's a project. Here are answers for e-mail items today as noted above.


Jim Wolf: My two CIA books, "The Secret Team" and "JFK,the CIA, Vietnam and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy both have sections on CAMELOT and MONGOOSE. There is a chapter in "JFK..." p.140, etc on CAMELOT.

Also you will find MONGOOSE at p 160 in the same book where it makes reference to Lansdale, etc.

Of course, with this much in the books, you will find that the CD-ROM has much more and broader subjects. Both books are in the CD-ROM completely plus 174 articles, etc. ~

L. Fletcher Prouty

Chad Poston: You are correct about Bush and the CIA. However, I believe you would find many more who worked for the CIA then and who are still around. All of us have been very careful about revealing those names and their work. CIA contacts who are involved in assassinations are very carefully covered...then and now. My CD-ROM will provide general information, but no specifics.

L. Fletcher Prouty

Re: Bernt Balchen,
"I am pleased with your note of 16 Nov 98. As a pilot for most of my life I have collected quite a record of the best of my associates, I can not recall that I met or knew Bernt; but am I not right in recollecting that he flew with Adm.Byrd and some of his missions

I have flown over Arctic routes, and I have landed at the South Pole where the altimeter read 10,800 feet elevation when we had landed on the snow and ice there. What a surprise. I never had heard that there is that much ice on top of that continent.

I met Adm Byrd after had had made some Arctic flight back in the 30's. You mention that Bernt and your father were Foresters. That was my father's life long business. If I had not been caught up in WWII, I might well have been one,

Well that is all I can recall, and it is a pleasure to hear from you.

L. Fletcher Prouty

Nov 23, 1998
L. C. Sheppard, 5/0CT/98

So much has been "pinned" on Oswald that we are asked to believe in anything. You ask about Oswald's connection with the Gary Powers U-2 flight over the USSR.

Oswald, to the best of my knowledge, was a US Marine and wits assig ~ Amour military unit supporting the CIA at Atsugi...a Japanese WW II airport. Upon request from the CiA ~ was asked to see that a certain number of military men were assigned to that base to support the agency. I believe we had 8 there and that he was one of them. (I was at Atsugi several times in the days immediately before and after the Japanese surrender on 2SEP45; so I know the base .then and later...but I did not know the men there then.

One day a U-2 coming back from a mission in Asia made a bad lending near the Atsugi base. The damage was slight; so it was sent black to the Lockheed factory for repairs. For some reason.~we can guess what...when It was being repaired the very special U-2 high-altitude camera was removed..,to preserve its secrecy. Later we learned that this "re-built" U-2 was the same one that Gary Powers was flying over the USSR, and that when the Soviets dismantled it after its landing they did not realize that it did not have this special camera on board. Sorta proved that "someone" knew that that certain U-2 was going to be "shot down" over the USSR

This is a long and complicated story. Get my new CD ROM and read the whole things plus countless other articles.

Thanks for your note.

L, Fletcher Prouty

To: Anita Sands

Anita: You paid me the compliment...I believe...of suggesting I should join Chomsky, Nader and Moore and run for President. On top of the fact that I am too old to play that game, I just could not bring myself to support one of your choices. You should see,..or have you already, some of the things Chomsky has written about me.

We used to go to meetings together, etc. but his tongue got the best of himself.
On the other hand I like Nader and do not know Michael Moore.

Thanks for your support. Take a look at my new, and heavily packed CD ROM and you can make up your own mind.

L. Fletcher Prouty

Burt Wilson, 05/Oct/98

You could not have asked me about a more interesting and able underground worker than JIM MCCORD. I knew him well. We did not work closely together because he was deep CIA, and I was deep military; but we both worked where the two came together, and it was men 1ike him who made things work out. He was a very close associate and friend of Dick Helms, among others.

I. suggest you get this book, "A PIECE OF TAPE", self-published and written by Jim via Washington Media Services Inc in 1974' . . Jim was right, if they jumped on him "the trees would fall". He knew all the people, and all the "business."

I'm quite sure that he did not mean to include the "Assassination Crowd' because it is my experienced belief that they came from a different source. But he did know most of the Agency crowd on the "operational side of the house."

Thanks for your note:
L. Fletcher Prouty

Bob Vernon, 5/Oct/98

You have asked about a cover group in the 60's named MARBISI. Spelled ~ right or wrong, I never heard of it. I corresponded regularly with Jim Garrison and have his book; but I have no. recollection of that MARBISI an a cover word, and in the 60's --I had most of them. I don't know Garrisons source for that. It must have been other than my area of work, i.e. the Secret Team"

L. Fletcher Prouty

L.C. Sheppard, 5/Oct/981998

You ask about Oswald's connection with the Gary Powers U-2 flight. There is a long connection; but it is not pertinent in that context. Oswald was assigned to the ATSUGI Air Base in Japan where certain U-2 flights were operated. I doubt that his duties there had anything to do with the U-2. That was a different organization.

The "Powers U-2" was brought down by action taken at its base either in Turkey or Pakistan by U-2 people. It was just too slick. You are quite right to believe that the flights you mention were purposely brought down for political reasons.

I would say that you are correct with your related assumptions. ~ ~

L. Fletcher Prouty

Reply to Greg Burnham
This is the response to the good paper we have received from Greg Burnham on the subject of Marine Colonel Jack Hawkins, and other special operations matters

TO: Gregory Burnham:
You ask about Col. Jack Hawkins. I certainly do remember him mostly from the Bay of Pigs days. I have looked in a 1963 Pentagon telephone book and find him listed for that year. He was the tactical man we got from the Marines to plan the landing of the Anti-Castro unit and train them. I knew that he was against the project, as many of us were for purely tactical reasons. These Cubans in the USA were not military trained and the restrictions placed upon the project were too severe.

Actually Bissell's comment to Hawkins about "air support ready to strike, if needed" was accurate. We had provided the rebels with 16 B-26's that I had put through a transition project in Arizona. They had 8 50 Cal. machine guns in each nose. (With this is mind,) Castro had only 10 capable combat aircraft Kennedy ordered them all to be destroyed before the landing. On Sat., a.m., May 15th they were attacked and all of 7 were destroyed. We scoured Cuba with U-2 reconnaisance and found that three jets that Castro had left were all that he had; but these armed jets could easily shoot down the B-26's. Therefore Kennedy made it very clear on May 16th that the landing could not take place until the Rebel's B-26's had totally destroyed the last three Castro jets...ON THE GROUND. (If this had been done, as ordered by the President then the 16 bombers could have supported the invasion and the Cuban rebels would have had a more than even chance to beat Castro's ground troops and their equipment by bombardment.

Bissell had not lied to JFK; but McGeorge Bundy called Gen. Cabell, then Deputy Director of the CIA and told him that the bombing must not take place until the invaders had landed at the Bay of Pigs. It was about 3:30 am then and Cabell was having trouble locating Rusk to get his opinion. Of all things, Allen Dulles was out of the country.

That is the basic mistake. I won't carry it further here. All of the details are in my book "The Secret Team" and in my new CD-ROM. They will tell you the rest of the story. I can send you the CD if you want ($34.95)

You have printed an interesting line: "there was a high motivation for the Agency to compromise JFK politically." The story is more than that. In late Dec. 1959, when Castro and his rebels were marching into Havana, a group of us in the Special Ops business were ordered into an office. There we were told that if Castro did take over Havana we were going to be ordered to a rebel force. Recall this was under Eisenhower and Nixon.

Well no call came and after midnight when we had the office TV on and were watching the "New Years" celebrations we were told we could go home. Castro was the new ruler of Cuba. Later in the spring of 1960, Castro came to New York City to speak at the United Nations. Following that speech, he went to Washington and had a meeting with Nixon. After that meeting, Nixon commented with reporters saying, more or less, that if Castro was not a Communist he was close to it. That set the tone for the Eisenhower people to order the CIA to prepare to over-throw his Government.

A little later a team from the CIA came to my office in the Pentagon (At that time I was the Special Operations officer there for the Air Force). They asked me if we had an airfield that could be used for a base to train aircrews and to get aircraft for them for a Cuban anti-Castro rebel group. This started it all.

During this period summer of 1960, we were coming up on a presidential election time and JFK nominated by the Democrats. The Republicans were certain that they would win; so they began to put all the new, and huge appropriations into the next year for "President" Nixon; but in a surprise he was not elected and I never saw such emotional feelings as then. I was then working in the office of the Secretary of Defense, in the Office of Special Operations. In the halls of the Pentagon you could hear the dislike of the new President; and the realization of the fact that JFK had inherited billions of dollars of procurement money for high cost items such and the $6 or $7 billion dollar TFX aircraft buy. In one tactical move the Republicans changed the Anti-Castro plans from small over-the-beach and air drop tactics to a major invasion. In no time they had built up a 3,000 man force that had to be trained and equipped, and dumped it all in JFK's lap.

They did not realize that JFK already knew the Anti-Castro leaders who had been guests of the Kennedy's at their big Florida resort home. One day I was sent to the Senate Office building to a certain room number to pick up four men and have them driven to the Pentagon and to the Secretary of Defense, Gates.

The office turned out to be Senator Kennedy's office and the four men were the leaders of the Cuban Exile group: Artime, Varona, Mendonca and one more. Here it was only early summer of 1959, and JFK had yet be nominated for the Presidency by the Democrats, and he was entertaining them in his family's winter home in West Palm Beach and in his Senate office building. People did know how well JFK knew them.

The most influential debate he had before the election with Nixon was the third, when they debated the Cuban Problem. Kennedy just made Nixon look ridiculous; and that debate alone perhaps won for JFK his narrow managing in the election.

Shortly after the election a team of top level CIA officials came to my office and requested that I get base facilities for at least 3,000 Cuban exiles, and enough aircraft for them. They built the Cuban force immediately by those numbers and then with Kennedy's inauguration they dumped it all in his lap.

By April 1961 the invasion plan had been worked out under the leadership of Jack Hawkins. It was all predicated on the fact that the Invasion Force would destroy all of Castro's aircraft BEFORE the invasion took place. This was the plan that was briefed to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, approved by them and taken to Kennedy. Kennedy said little about it except on Sunday, April 17th he finally approved the invasion with the strict proviso that all of Castro's jets would be destroyed; or the invasion force would not be landed on the beach. We all understood that.

For some reason, at 9:30PM McGeorge Bundy called Gen. Cabell, Deputy Director of the CIA and told him that the invasion was off until the men were on the beach. B-26 invasion planes that had been put on stand-by in Nicaragua were not to be released until dawn. This of course was against Kennedy's orders, because the three jets that Castro had could easily destroy them.

Gen. Cabell left the office in an attempt to locate Sec. of State Rusk. He knew that order had to be changed. While he was doing that the hours passed, and I got a telephone call from the air commander in Nicaragua who was all upset. He knew if the B-26's were not there by dawn the jets would take off and down them. I could hear the B-26 engines running in the background. I made many calls around Washington to get help with this essential problem. As the clock kept running it became too late for the B-26's to arrive before dawn while the T-33 jets were on the ground. Meanwhile the troops were landing at the Bay of Pigs. The whole thing was a disaster...and it was not Kennedy's fault. The last order he had given that day was "The B-26's must destroy the jets before they take off or the invasion must be cancelled," This was the military approved plan and Kennedy's orders.

You are correct also about the Power's U-2. That flight was made to fail by a shortage of the proper fuel. The engine stopped when Powers was about one half way to his goal in Norway. He did not use his parachute, because he could fly the plane to the ground. That also caused the important Paris Conference on May 1, 1960 that had been planned between Eisenhower and Khrushchev to be cancelled

As you may know, the Korean War and the Vietnam War were both planned at the Teheran Conference in Oct 1943. When the Japanese surrendered on Sept 2, 1945 the enormous supply of equipment and arms -stockpiled for 500,000 men, were divided in half and one half was sent to Korea and the other half to Vietnam. In later years both were used in wars in which the U.S. was heavily involved and both Presidents were blamed for them. This created especially opposition against Kennedy in the year 1963, and led to his death,

Kennedy had already issued Presidential Directives during Oct 1963 to the effect that 1000 American personnel would be out of Vietnam by Christmas 1963, and that all American personnel would be out of Vietnam by the end of 1965. This was the final action that caused his assassination by the powers that wanted to continue the costly, and profitable... to them... warfare in Vietnam.

You are correct about the Bay of Pigs landing disaster, except for the details that the Cuban rebels were equipped with armed B-26 's; and if used while Castro's jets were still on the ground on the morning o April 18th that would easily been destroyed. Then the landing force would have had, little or no real opposition and they would have defeated Castro.

The JCS and Kennedy had both ordered that if the jets were not destroyed there would be no invasion. Kennedy had ordered that no "active duty USA aircraft would be used in that invasion". This was a firm order that we all understood. You are correct that Kennedy's NSAM #263 would have had us out of Vietnam for sure. I was one of its writers. I know how determined he was, but that was Oct 11,1963. Kennedy was dead on Nov 22, 1963.
We all can see the connection.

L. Fletcher Prouty

Reply to the "Caves"
It always interests me when I get a note from New Zealand. As I have written so many times, I was in Christchurch when the papers came out with the news of the Kennedy death. I fully believe that anyone can solve that assassination by reading every word of the story as carried in the Christchurch STAR with its first stories.

Much of what they printed had to have been written for world-wide circulation, and written BEFORE the shooting. Just read it very carefully. As soon as I got back to Washington I went to our LIBRARY OF CONGRESS where they have papers of all dates and from all around the world. Unless what they all printed had not been written beforehand they would not have had half the story they did have, and it was all structured...except for those few items that were flashed from Dallas by the reporters on the scene. Where would anyone have gotten that fresh, business-suit photo of Oswald so quickly unless he had access to some earlier file. How could any papers, Christchurch or otherwise have done that? And where did they get the flash "Three bursts of automatic weapons were fired. "Read any foreign paper you wish...carefully, and the case is solved. As soon as I got back to Washington and could compare the STAR with Washington papers and others I could see the whole case. Then when I found other data that had been falsely crafted here in the states during the next days, months and years I could see how thoroughly some power group had been, and still is in control.

If you haven't seen my books or CD-ROM you have missed the whole story as it was structured by the operators under control of the "Power Elite." For one example, Nixon and his "Power Elite" supporters were fit to be tied when Kennedy beat them for the Presidency in Nov 1960. That is precisely where the assassination planning...along with other such opposition began. I was right there working for the Secretary of Defense, Gates, then. I knew them all and I heard them express their views about Kennedy often. It was generally along the lines of "That God Damn Kennedy has got to go' Finally they did it, and things have been run that way since. It was a pleasure to work with Oliver Stone, Garrison and all the rest on that movie, It's just too bad that I had a heart operation just before the first day I met Stone. This cut me out of most of the early weeks work...except for my books.


b) Question from Fohne: You have asked about the "Tramps." Like so much of the Kennedy assassination scene they are simply a part of the pre-written script. Who they are does not mean a things except they were used as actors on the Dealey Plaza stage. They are nobodies otherwise. Just look at good photos of them and of the stage-play police with them and you'll see that their whole game was played out on a stage. What really matters is that all of these "acts" and "Actors" had been worked out beforehand. That, murder had been planned since Nov 1960 when JFK so narrowly won that election over the "Power Elite's boy Nixon. From that day on they were out to get Kennedy and his entire team. Look at things seriously and realistically.

Here is a response to the FAX from Thomas Forehand Jr. on the subject of President Roosevelt's murder.

The newspaper supplement PARADE, dated Feb. 9, 1986 carries an article written by Elliott Roosevelt entitled "Why Stalin Never Forgave Eleanor Roosevelt."

This two-page article ends with the lines:

Elliot visited Stalin as a reporter for PARADE. He had met Stalin during the Teheran Conference of Nov.-Dec. 1943, and in 1946 Gardner Cowles of LOOK sent Elliott to Moscow to interview him.

I cite this entire historical episode in my book "THE SECRET TEAM." The conference ended with Stalin telling him that "The Churchill Gang" had killed his father.

I had met Elliot during the Teheran Conference in 1943 when I flew the Chinese delegation there. See my book for the details. If you do not have THE SECRET TEAM available contact me. I still have a few available ,


I am enclosing the facts as I know them. I had flown dignitaries from Cario, and then was asked to fly the Chinese delegation to Teheran.


The World War II Cairo conference between President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill and Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek ended on Oct 26, 1943. That evening I was given orders to fly a group of participants From Cairo to Tehran. Up to that time, I had not been aware that there was going to be a Big Four meeting of the Super-Powers in Tehran.

As I went out to the plane that morning to get it ready to go, two limousines came frown the city. They were T.V. Soong's Chinese delegates. I flew them to Tehran that day.

En route, I stopped at Habbaniyah in Iraq for refueling; and while on the ground an Air Force B-25 arrived with an old friend of mine flying it, and with L. Col. Elliott Roosevelt, the President's son, I introduced him and: Roosevelt to the Chinese, and vice versa.

I don't know whether any of you have ever realized this, but years later the fact that Elliott Roosevelt had gone to the Tehran conference and brought up one of the most amazing untold facts in our history. I can only imagine why more has not been written about it.

Because Elliott had met Stalin in Tehran with his father in 1943, in late 1946, Gardner Cowles, publisher Magazine asked him to go to Moscow to interview Stalin.

Roosevelt accepted this offer and did interview Stalin there. At the end of a long interview, he turned to the Generalissimo and asked one more question, "Why is it that my mother has never been permitted to visit Moscow even though she has made three very formal applications one for the trip?"

Stalin glared at Elliott and said' ''You don't know why?"

Elliott replied, "No! "

Quickly, Stalin responded, "Don't you know who killed your father?"

Roosevelt--shocked--answered "No."

Stalin, rising from his chair, continued, "Well, I'll tell you why I have not invited her here. As soon as your father died, I asked my ambassador in Washington to go immediately to Georgia with a request to view the body." Stalin believed that if Gromyko saw the body he could confirm that the cerebral hemorrhage that had caused his death had caused extensive discoloration and distortion.

Elliott responded, that he knew nothing about that and then

Stalin said, "Your mother refused to permit the lid of the coffin to be opened so that my ambassador could see the body." Adding, "I sent him there three times trying to impress upon your mother that it was very important for him to view the President's body. She never accepted that. I have never forgiven her."

This forced Elliott to ask this last question, "...but why?"

Stalin took a few steps around the office, and almost in a rage roared, "They poisoned your father, of course, just as they have tried repeatedly to poison me."

"They, who are they?" Elliott asked.

"The Churchill gang Stalin roared, "They poisoned your father, and they continue to try o poison me...the Churchill gang!"

I had heard, while in Tehran, that Roosevelt and Churchill had had a strenuous argument in front of Stalin and Chiang during the conference on the subject of the decolonialization of South East Asia. I have read it in a government publication of the time. Then, this account of Elliott's visit to Moscow in l946 was written and signed by him and appeared in the February 9, l986 issue of the nationwide Sunday Supplement magazine "PARADE."

We all know that there are amazing stories that can not be found in the history books. That is what I am saying here. Most students have not been able to learn that Chiang Kai-Shek was a member of this Four power Conference in Tehran. But, I was there. I had flown the Chinese delegates there from Cairo, and I have read it in a Congressional Committee Report, "The U.S. Government and the Vietnam War" Part 1 1945-61" by the U.S. Government Printing Office, 1984.

Both sources have been in the public domain for mare than 10 years. Why haven't we seen them, on campus, in the History books and in classes?

In l953, In a toast before the New York Press Club, John Swinton, former chief of Staff of the New York Times and the "Dean of his Profession" stated: (part extracted)

"If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of journalists in to destroy truth; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell this country and this race for their daily bread. We are the tools and vassals for rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."

From my own experience, I know that there are countless journalists who could say that. Just consider what they said about Oliver Stone's film "JFK" and about my own book "JFK, the CIA, VIETNAM and the plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy."

Note: The source of this account is partly due to the fact that I was in Tehran at the time of the "Four Power" conference. I did fly the Chinese delegation there from Cairo, and we did meet Elliott Roosevelt en route.

The primary account is taken directly from page #17 of the February 9, 1986 issue of PARADE MAGAZINE.

L. Fletcher Prouty


Tony Pitman's subject (CIA's airlines and air operations) ~ most important.
All of the response which I am including below is taken from my book, "THE SECRET TEAM" or from the CD-ROM that includes that book. I can provide him with either or both sources.

As the Focal Point Officer for CIA's aviation requirements, I worked directly with the men in charge of these air units under CAT (earlier days) and AIR AMERICA). Almost all of their requirements were provided by the Air Force or Navy. For example the P2V-7 was especially modified at Lockheed as a NAVY contract, via U.S. Air Force requirement and operated by the Agency is people. Civil Air Transport became one of the largest Commercial-type (As CIA cover) airlines in the world. It had been created from WW II military resources of men and aircraft and later re-located in Taiwan at a full maintenance base. The USA provided most other transport aircraft with an exception the HELIO, small transport which was purchased by the CIA; but entirely supported- by the USAF. Air America was chartered in Delaware with Board of Directors from among available Navy Admirals. It was listed in Dun and Bradstreet.

I was involved in all of these things although the President of all of CIA's "Airlines" was a civilian and an old friend from WW II days. I even obtained the aircraft that we used to fly the Dalai Lama out of China when he was forced to flee that country in 1959. (I met him in Washington during a lecture in 1959 and it was the first time he ever found out how we really did that. We even dropped food daily to him and his small escape party).

What most people do not know is that, for one reason or another, the CIA operated over 100 air companies under various cover, around the world. It was a huge company.

For example, CIA had over 4,000 employees at its airbase facilities in Thailand and the same or more in Taiwan. Most of their units operated under civilian cover. In some parts of the world, CIA operates regularly-scheduled airlines disguised as normal commercial operations. Your comment about Laos is correct. It was a huge operation and served as a base-for such operations as into China, Burma and other Asian destinations. I even purchased a new type of aircraft for the CIA requirements because of its 'short take off and landing capability, which was designed at MIT. Its President ways a former Harvard professor and I first learned about their development when I was serving with the AF ROTC as a professor at Yale.

The air support that would have been used in the Bay of Pigs operation, if that operation had not been cancelled--contrary to the specific orders of President Kennedy--by McGeorge Bundy, was all provided by the Air Force. I had many of those aircraft modified especially for that large, it was planned. I was in contact with the CIA airbase in Nicaragua at l a.m. of the morning when that operation was scheduled to take place. The CIA commander there was shattered by that unexpected call. Castro had only three small jet fighters left and the B-26's from Nicaragua were scheduled to wipe them out at sunrise. Even though I phoned others in controlling positions at that time, my calls did not cancel the Bundy call.

That was one of the few defeats the CIA suffered at the hands of its "supposed" sponsors. When required Air America/C.A.T. (and the many other names) covered Central and South America, as you correctly say. In fact as needed they covered the world. I set up an operating air base in Antarctica for the CIA when requested. Check the book and the CD-ROM and you'll have all of your answers.

If they are not all answered, let us hear from you again.

Fletcher Prouty

This note about "FILES" as a killer of JFK.

You ask about someone named "James Files" as a "shooter" on the Grassy Knoll."

Like so many other false starts, I have no faith in his story whatsoever. Although he may have played some part of the "cover story" in Dallas. It is another, in a long line "false leads" contrived to keep researchers busy.

I can not understand why all citizens of these United States do not understand that the law requires that when there is a MURDER anywhere in the country THERE MUST BE A TRIAL FOR MURDER IN THE STATE WHERE IT ALLEGEDLY TOOK PLACE.

The Warren Commission and all the other false fronts is a totally worthless cover-story; as are other such facades.

All, of us who understand our law must demand that there be a trial in the state of Texas for the murder of our President, John F. Kennedy.

What has been going on for the past 35 years is false and a cover-up. Notice how every year there is another new book that finds "Oswald did it".

In 1963 I was working in the office of the Chairman of the Joint Staff. Much of my work was close to the top of the Pentagon and of the White House. Although I happened to be in New Zealand at the time of the murder, it didn't take long to see that that murder was carefully planned and executed.

Aug 7, 1998 E-mail questions from Glenn T. Cressy. His questions about a Col. Boris T. Pash took me longer to verify than I thought. I now have some of the material, and will have to let the rest go.

-About Col. Pash: I had heard his name, but doubt that I ever knew him...or at least knew him well. Finally I have been able to get 3 copies of the Pentagon telephone book of that period. PASH is listed in the summer and fall 1963 books both under a personal listing and as-being assigned to the General support and Equipment Branch of the Foreign Science and Technology Center. By the summer of 1965 that organization had been moved to the Munitions Building in D.C.

-Although I have found five listings in official telephone books, in none of them is he listed as a "COLONEL." I was in the Pentagon for nine years and was always listed by my rank and job title. I am unable to support Cressy's listings for Pash although there is a Boris T. Pash in the 1963 books.

I find nothing about "Special Agent Gerald L. Beatson" anywhere. I have heard of the ALSOS Mission and what it was doing with reference to our Atomic Bomb and other Nuclear works in Germany.

From my long-time relationship with the CIA and other Special Operations organizations in our government I have no reason to believe that Pash "was in charge of the assassination squad in Dallas." That does not mean that your statement is not correct.

For some reason you write, "You were ensnared in this nuclear debacle when you were sent to Antarctica's nuclear power plant so that you would be removed from the coming assassination. "That could be true because I certainly knew enough about Special Operations by that time.

I believe that the true facts are that I had been working in support of The U.S. Antarctica Projects Office since at least 1959 to my retirement in 1964. I am enclosing a letter I had received, dated 2 July 1959 from the Deputy of that office by way of Gen. White, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force. You may be interested in a Letter to the Editor, on the subject of this same trip to Antarctica. I was at the South Pole on Nov 8, 1963 and in Christchurch, New Zealand on Nov 23, 1963 (local N.Z. date and time) at the time I learned that JFK had been r killed.

Thank you for your notes. I'm sorry to have taken such a long time to respond but I felt I had to be accurate with my comments re "Col." Pash.

L. Fletcher Prouty Colonel, USAF (Ret'd)

To David Henschel;
Reference to your request about Dorothry Kilgallen.
During my military service I recall no special information about her
other than what might have appeared in public sources.

L. Fletcher Prouty

To Jeff Orr

RE: The names of the ships used in the Bay of Pigs operation that were named for the BUSH family.

I was asked to locate three transport vessels to support the Bay of Pigs landing.
I was able to get them and sent them to a U.S. Navy base in North Carolina where they were prepared for that operation. In the process they were painted and then given the names: HOUSTON, ZAPATA,and BARBABA. The name Houston was where Bush's business was. Zapata was trhe name of his oil company. Barbra was the name of his wife.
Whoever selected those names certainly knew Geroge Bush in 1960.

L. Fletcher Prouty