Oliver Stone      The Director of the award winning movie "JFK"

Oliver Stone with Col. L. Fletcher Prouty at the National Press Club discussing the movie.

CSPAN Video National Press Club
Mr. Stone described the development and filming of the movie, J.F.K.
The movie subscribes to the conspiracy theory of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963,
describing a plot by conservative political figures to take over the government

Stone discusses the character 'X' in his film "JFK"

"I'm very glad this is asked, because so many people have asked me, when they came out of the movie, 'Who is Man X?' Let me just say that Man X exists. He's here today on the podium. He is Fletcher Prouty. He served in the military since before World War II. From 1955 to 1964 he was in the Pentagon working as chief of special operations and in that capacity was with the Joint Chiefs of staff during the Kennedy years. He was responsible for providing the military support of the clandestine operations of the CIA...that is, 'Black Operations.'

20 min. clip

Oliver Stone Lecture
Oliver Stone with Col. Prouty and others at the National Press Club disscus his movie "JFK". Oliver goes through his movie point by point against the "Warren Commision" myth.

30 min. clip

Oliver Stone Lecture (part II)
Oliver Stone answers questions from the audience regarding his film "JFK". He offered a good insite into the assassination, and put his film into perspective. He was very articulate attacking the media disinformation regarding the film, and defended Jim Garrison and Col. Fletcher Prouty. Very reasonable and convicing arguments.

'Real Audio' interviews with Jim Garrison,
Clay Shaw, Dean Andrews and others

One of the most important scenes in the Oliver Stone movie "JFK" is the closing summation given by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison. The dramatic impact of the scene is impressive and quite convincing that a conspiracy was responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy.

Critics of "JFK" say that Garrison made no such speech. Here are the actual opening statement and closing summations that were presented by the New Orleans District Attorney's office.

Opening Statement

Closing Statement

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