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Fletcher Prouty Jan 24 1917 - June 5 2001

Here is an excerpt from the video section of the Prouty CD-ROM
Video Clip of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty

Black Op Radio
A web show broadcasting every Thursday night.
With host Len Osanic
Topics revolve around the JFK Assassination and other political research.
All shows archived going back to 2000

Understanding Special Operations
The book of the famous 1989 David Ratcliffe interview is now available.

E-mail replies from Col. Prouty posted
Since many people had been asking similar questions we are now posting all replies More letters on the "Letters of the Month" page as well.

The Sixth Floor Museum Boycott
Since the Sixth Floor Museum refused to handle the Col. Prouty CD-ROM new light has come those who run the Sixth Floor and set policy and their agenda to the "lone Assassin" scenario. Read what other concerned reasearchers have to say about the Sixth Floor Museum

Real Audio Clips!
This weeks feature clip - "Oliver Stone Lecture at The National Press Club"

"The Guns of Dallas"
The great article on the JFK assassination written by Col. Prouty in Oct. 1975

Statement by Allen Dulles regarding Powers U2 flight
Amazing testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the U2 was not shot down.

Radio News -
Upcoming dates and archived radio interviews.

Fletcher Prouty Site Info
More information on Col. L. Fletcher Prouty

The Fletcher Prouty Commentary
Fletcher adds his insight on many and diverse topics.

Links to other good web sites

Site Awards
Col. Prouty site recognized!

Multi-Platform CD-ROM is now available!
The Collected Works of Col. L. Fletcher Prouty is now available for PC and MAC. New HTML / ISO 9660 format runs on all platforms including Unix, DEC, and others.

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JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly - July issue
Steve Gerlach of "Probable Cause" - Australia
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